Two Sides to Every Story

Rebecca was five months pregnant when the great shift swapped her with her husband James.

Rebecca found it hard not to be pregnant anymore missing the baby growing inside herself missing being a woman.

But not missing the morning sickness the extra weight the swollen ankles and breasts & the unbelievable sexual appetite of her body which had almost tripled since she had guten pregnant.

She had to admit to herself that she enjoyed having her husband’s cock between her male hairy legs.

She enjoyed the feeling of testosterone surging through her veins making her feel like she could do anything.

And she had to admit to herself that she was glad she was not the one going to have to push the baby out as that was the one part of being pregnant that frightened her the most.


James on the other hand was not enjoying being his pregnant wife.

He did not like the idea that he was carrying their baby and he had the equipment to give birth to it.

Back when he was still a man he thought that his wife’s breasts were beautiful and magnificent when they were all big and swollen full of milk but now they were attached to his chest they were unbelievably annoying they were constantly sore heavy and leaking.

And as far as he could see there was no upside to being his pregnant wife that was until he could resist her body’s urges no longer and he finally gave in to her pestering to make love.

He felt ridiculous being on all fours with his belly and his tits dangling down as his wife thrust his former member deep inside her for my pussy that was already dripping wet with anticipation and he could not help letting out a moan when she thrust deep inside of him for the first time before telling her to take it easy as they slowly started getting into the swing of things.

As they both silently admitted to themselves things could have been a lot worse and at least they were still together and a family.


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