Hair dye

So here i am a 55 year old man with grey hair. I decided to dye my hair and surprise my girlfriend being she was 20 years younger then me I wanted to look younger for her. People say it make you look 10 year younger. I go to the store and was looking for Just For Men hair dye when i came across a coupon for a new dye that women use. It was 5 dollars off, figuring it all the same stuff I found my color and bought it. I got home and mixed the stuff together and started to apply it to my hair. The smell was awesome and tingling was a little strange. I ve done this before and never felt this good. So 30 min later i started to wash it out and noticing as i was washing it out the Tingling was now going though my whole body and my hair seem real thick. After drying my hair i seen that it was now long and I seem to have boobs. Looking in the mirror I was shocked that I was now a Girl. I had to get back to the store so i went into my girlfriends draw and for some reason I actually put on one of her bikinis. Playing with my hair and posing i just could not help myself and started taking selfies. I looked really awesome and felt so young.
I hope my girlfriend doesn’t get pis at me, not just because i fill out this bikini better then she did, but i think im going to like this. Seem like my mind has changed as well. Maybe a trip to the Mall and some shopping we can hit a club tonight. that should work…..


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