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Stuck in the past. End part 2 of 2

The big gala at the company ended and all the workers headed their way. “Aren’t you going for the after party, Laura?”. “Nah, It’s been a rough week and i just want to spend some time at home” Laura said and took her purse. She went outside and found a cab to drive home.
On her way Laura was staring through the window, thinking about the events. Exactly at this day Laura found the time machine. It was back when she was still a boy named Martin. Laura still remembered the fear she felt after being transported back in time into a body of a girl. With no friends to support she was forced to keep going on her own. She made some mistakes, one of them was probably being Chad’s girlfriend but back then she didn’t have any idea how to live as a girl. Eventually everything slowly was getting better. Laura accepted the fact that she won’t be able to go back to her times. She stopped thinking of herself as Martin. After finishing high school she met Mark. Laura felt nice around him and Mark seemed to like her. Soon they became a couple and their love grew to the point when they got married. Soon after marriage Laura was expectig her first child. Read more

Stuck in the past. End part 1 of 2

“Huh? I’m alive” Scott thought staring at the ceeling. He remembered vanishing then darkness and now he is laying somewhere, but where? Scott thought that maybe the whole time travel was a dream and now he woke up in his room but the ceeling was somehow diffirent. Scott rised his hands and looked at them. They were real, he didn’t vanish. One thing was confusing about his hands. Why his nails were painted light blue? Scott rose a bit leaning on his arms when something fell on his face. Scott cleared his view and noticed it was hair. Long blonde hair. “Wait a minute” Scott said immidiately noticing his voice was girly. He quickly got up on his feet. Looking down he saw he was wearing a pink camisole on thin straps. He peeked under it and saw a pair of small perky breasts. Looking down further he saw a pair of pink panties. When he reached his hand he found out that he is no longer a boy. Terrified Scott took a small mirror and saw his reflection. He really was a girl, a cute teenage girl. “What is going on here?” Scott was confused. Read more

Stuck in the past. Part 7

“Hey Scott” Jenny greated him with a warm smile. ” I see you brought the cheerleader” She said staring daggers at Martin. “Well, lets see if she has got something more than looks” Jenny giggled. Martin ignored her comment and followed Scott into Jenny’s room. They all sat down and started to work on their project. At least Jenny and Scott did. Martin had no idea about what were they actually doing and soon he started to regret he signed up for this. He made a fool of himself again and only gave Jenny another reason to make fun of him. Jenny saw it and couldn’t restrain herself to make a rude comment. Martin was boiling inside. Not only her bitchy attitude was driving him crazy. Jenny couldn’t stop seducing Scott. Martin knew he needs to do something. They were supposed to go back to their times but this girl was warping Scott around her finger. If she succedes Scott may have fell in love and do something stupid, like staying in here forever. Read more

Stuck in the past. Part 4

Martin entered the school building, looking around the corridor to find Scott. Since their quarrel one week ago they didn’t talk too much and it seemed that Scott is avoiding him. “Where could he be?” Martin pondered, blindly walking around the school.He went to check the libary. He slowly walked in and saw Scott, reading some book. “There you are” Martin smiled and went towards him. He slowed down midway when another girl sat next to him. They were talking about something but Martin couldn’t hear it from where he was standing.
“Hey Scott. Who is your new friend” Martin smiled warmly trying to be nice. The girl looked at him scornfully and left. “What’s with her?” Martin was surprised by her behavior.”She gets bullied by the types like you” Scott said. “What do you mean by the types like me” Martin said indignantly. “I’m not saying you did anything bad to her but you are now the hot and popular girl. We both know how most of them are acting in this school” Scott said in his defense. “No need to remind me, it’s enough i see me reflection” Martin sighed and sat down. “So when are we going to continue our work together?” Martin asked. “I though you didn’t want to work with me” Scott was surprised. “We are friends aren’t we? No matter what comes we need to stick together” Martin took Scott’s hand. “I may not help you with the calculations but i can at least ease your work” Martin said. “How?” Scott asked. “Well i make great sandwiches, and it’s much better to work with your stomach full”. “Sure it is” They both laughed. “Come on Scott. Let’s head to the classroom” Read more

Stuck in the past. Part 6

“Hey Scott” Martin smiled. “Oh, hey” Scott was surprised. They didn’t talk to eachother for a week and Scott thought Martin is still angry at him, yet Martin surprised him with a warm smile and a special made lunch. For the past week Martin spend most of the time with Laura’s friends. He was surprised he could enjoy doing all the girly stuff like shoping and talking about boys. He even considered to join the cheerleaders but in the last moment he remembered he must be carefull not to change anything in these times and since Laura never was a cheerleader he had to refuse.
Lately he was thinking about the good days with Scott when he was still a guy. He missed spending time together but Scott was busy with repairing the device and of course there was Jenny. When Scott ended up in here Martin was very glad to see him. Finally he wasn’t alone in this strange world. Unfortunately their friendship was falling apart. Martin couldn’t let this happen, it was time to fix this and work together on the device so they could finally go back home. Read more

Stuck in the past. Part 1

Scott was nerdy, unpopular, short and sometimes bullied. His friend Martin was the opposite, Handsome, tall and popular with girls. The whole school was wondering why Martin is hanging with Scott. The truth is they had a lot in common, especially passion for sci-fi and fantasy.
One day Martin was at Scott’s house to play some dungeons and dragons. Instead Scott showed him a weird device claiming it to be a time travel machine. Martin didn’t belive him but Scott was certain it will work. To prove him wrong Martin took the device an started to press some buttons, not knowing what he is actually doing. Then bright light shined in the room and blinded Scott for a second. When he gained his vision back Martin was nowhere to be found. Read more

como los puedo controlar

estaba aterrado, de alguna manera mi amigo me puso dentro del cuerpo de su mama para que el pudiera salir el fin de semana sin que su madre se quejara pero no se nada de ser adulto y mucho menos de ser mujer, lo peor es que me dejo una nota diciendo que no llegaría hasta el lunes y que me divierta como mujer pero ni siquiera se como como controlar estas tetas tan grandes, solo rebotan y rebotan y no puedo dejar de verlas y sentir el rose, creo que debo acostumbrarme a este cuerpo lo antes posible si quiero sobrevivir ademas de que no veo el lado positivo, tengo un par de tetas para tocar cuando yo quiero y nadie puede decirme nada, ademas de tener los beneficios de adulto como conducir, dinero y un cuerpaso generoso, saben que? me voy a dar un gusto y contemplare la obra de arte que soy, solo me desvestiré y ya, hasta empieza a gustarme este rebote

Payback time

Damian and Martin were close friends. The teenage boys spend a lot time together but that changed since the spell that caused Martin to swap bodies with Damian’s mom, Jennifer. Damian used the spell as a joke but it stopped being funny when they found out it was permament. Read more

Stuck in the past. Part 9

(Writers note) I know its been awhile since the last chapter but i almost forgot i had a series ongoing. I hope there are still people looking forward to it. If you are new to the series or just want to refresh your memory type in the search bar #StuckInThePast Read more