The hot P.E teacher

Martin walked through the corridor feeling uneasy among the male students. He knew they were checking him out, every boy had a crush on Ms. Cullen, the hot P.E teacher. Martin also was all over her, that was before he ended up in her body. Few days earlier Martin fantasized about her while masturbating. When he was about to finish something terrible happened. It was the fose and thanks to it Martin had Ms. Cullen’s body all for himself. Sure he dreamed of getting his hands on her but being her was a completely different matter. Not only he had to deal with all those things that comes with being a woman. He also had to put up with her boyfriend at home and dozens of horny teenagers at school. Since Martin didn’t want anyone to know about this embarrassing accident he had to pretend he is the real Ms. Cullen.

Martin went to the restroom to get away from the stares the boys were giving him. He looked at his reflection and couldn’t help but to snap a picture. Maybe he was a woman now but he still admired her body. He put the phone back to his bag and took a few deep breaths. It will be another hard day at school. The boys would probably ask for assistanece with the easiest exercises as a pretext te be touched by Ms Cullen. Martin knew it very well, he was also doing this not so long ago.


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