Accidental FOSE, Cascades of Joy

Jamie was extremely disturbed at first when he discovered he had Swapped into his sisters body after the FOSE. It just had to happen right when his mind had started wondering during a less-than-satisfying masturbation session. However, he soon discovered the joys of the female anatomy when combined with a heavenly flow of warm water. He couldn’t believe the feeling that were being transmitted from his new clit. Each new pulse of water sent shivers and shockwaves throughout this unfamiliar body. “A little fun won’t hurt while they try and figure out how to reverse this…” He thought to himself, as yet another orgasm rocked his sisters aroused body, and he could help but move his fingers to stimulate the already hyper clit some more. Little did he know at this point that the FOSE would never be reversed, and his sister, who had been swapped into his masturbating body and whose belly was now covered in cum from the orgasm she had just finished for him, was not going to be as pleased. Especially when the link as to who swap with who was discovered. Needless to say, thing were going to be veeeery awkward for a while…


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