F.O.S.E. – A New Kind of Workplace

Vanessa (25) was an assistant for Richard (41), the CEO of a major company. She thought she was going to receive the business experience she was looking for. But like some attractive women in the workplace, she was temped into sexual relations with the promise of promotions and raises. Well one day, while she was giving Richard a blowjob, the moment he shot his load into her mouth, she felt something strange happen. As she opened her eyes, she was shocked to look down and see her face with a dick in its mouth, a dick now attached to her. Later they heard about the FOSE and Richard begged Vanessa to keep their swap a secret, fearing it would ruin his reputation. Vanessa smiled and agreed on one condition: that their workplace sexual relation remains unchanged.
A month later, while the world went back to a sense of normalcy, Vanessa was enjoying her new life. Sure she was now older and a man, but she was finally in charge of a company, was married to a beautiful trophy wife, and not to mention the daily blowjobs Richard gave her.


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