I was reading some captions at opentg as usual. When I saw the picture of a young brunette girl. She was topless and only wearing a black skirt. “She’s hot” I thought. She then bent over and revealed her pussy.

“What I wouldn’t give to be her” I said outloud. Something really weird happened next. I found myself in a different room. I saw a familiar slanted window. A bed and couple of pillows. I could feel my chest was naked, and I was wearing a skirt. I quickly realized I was the girl from the cap. I giggled. I knew what I had to do, so I bent over. “You look great babe” a man said. Just hearing his deep voice made me a little wet.

I didn’t move, I was wating for him to make the next move. He stopped the camera, and walked towards me. I heard him unzipping his pants. My pussy was already throbing, I was so excited, I was about to try sex as a woman. I felt his cock slid inside of my pussy. Which in turn made me moan. I felt my clit got erect, and my nipples followed.

Having him push back and forth, sticking his cock inside of me, made me feel things I hadn’t even imagine I could experience. He came inside of me. I felt so alive, so happy, so fullfilled. But like all good things, my experince came to an end. Seconds later I was back at my desk, looking at the picture of the girl. “Shit” I said. I felt bad by the fact I was back at my old male body. I was even questioning my experience, maybe it was all my imagination.

I looked at another picture, and repeated the same words “What I wouldn’t give to be her”, and as luck would have it, I found myself inside that girl’s body too. I had just found out what my new abilities were capable of. And I weren’t going to put them to waste.


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