“Why did I take that shortcut?” Matt thought to himself as waves of pain and pleasure wracked his body.

As he left work that day it was raining, so the fairly chubby white decided let’s cut down this alley, what could go wrong?

“Hey good looking, want some company at the bar?” a young very well endowed black woman asked him as he passed. This actually made him stop for a second, as if tempted by the offer, but frustrated by the rain and the long day at work Matt snapped back “Yea, I’m not going to stoop that low.” and he continued walking

You may not be stooping now, but you’ll sure be on your knees later, the woman said before muttering something to herself.

Matt arrived at this apartment soaked to the bone by the rain, and proceeded to strip down before getting into the warm shower. He caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror, annoyed at how he had let himself go over the past couple years, vowing to himself to go to the gym once again.

As he showered the troubles of his day seemed to wash away, and he then began to ponder if he had been too rude to that lady in the alley. Thats when he felt it. A growing warmth radiated from his core, and everything began to feel weird. Immediately he stepped out of the shower to watch the mirror, as if knowing something was about to happen. As far as he could tell the warmth was coming from his stomach, and he seemed . . . thinner? A lot of his gut apparently had disappeared, but he didn’t have time to focus, as he was soon overcome with pain, dropping to all fours. Bones cracked and he dropped from his height of 6’1″ to about 5’0″ in the span of a minute. His body hair dissipated, while dark hair cascaded in front of his eyes. His face contorted in pain and gained far more feminine features, but almost didn’t look right on his face. Then a tickling sensation enveloped his skin as he went from a fairly pasty tone to milk chocolate, his hair becoming ethnic and curly.
Finally, all the fat that he had seemingly lost, began to move, redistributed to his rear. His prodigious posterior kept growing until each cheek was the size of a basketball, no mistake could be made he looked like a black woman, and had the booty to prove it. Almost on cue. his dick and balls retreated inward, leaving a tight,wet slit behind. Small A-cups grew on his chest, with small hard nipples crowning them.

A knock at the door! Matt, now Melany, wrapped herself in a towel. It was Rob, Matt’s good friend, maybe he could help! “Oh hi, I see Matt has company I’ll . . .” Matt grabbed his arm, cutting him off and pulling him inside. “Rob its me, Melany!” wait that wasn’t right?

“Have we met? I’m sure I would have remembered a sexy thing like you” rob said, making Melany feel a warmth from her crotch again.

“Keep talking like that and you might not regret it.” Melany said with a devilish grin, whilst Matt faded into the back of her mind.

Rob didn’t need another hint and kissed Melany fiercely, while undoing his pants. Tossing the towel aside, Melany’s beautiful black body was on full display as she knelt she could feel the cushion of her ass against her legs, and the warmth between her legs was like a fire now.

“suck it!” Melany couldn’t resist rob’s demand and went for his dick, which proved to be much larger than she anticipated, she’d have to be able to deepthroat to get the whole thing in her mouth, but she wanted it all! She was so good and so fast that Rob didn’t even have time to warm her as cum flooded her throat. she didn’t care she loved it, she craved it, but she didn’t know why, until she felt her chest. little pin prick in her nipples made them grow larger, her areolas much wider, and far more sensitive. Her breast grew a whole cup size. this just turned her on as she threw rob back and began to ride him rough. the pressure built quickly as sweet pleasurable oblivion took her in her first orgasm.

this continued through the night, until Rob was spent. And here we have Melany unable to sleep fascinated by her breasts new heft.

“I’m so glad I took that shortcut!!”


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