No, your name is Denise, now.

“Fuck Sebastian, what have you done to me? The machine had not worked right. The only thing a wanted, was a bit more muscles on my arms.
And now look at me. I’m a slim white man and not a fat black girl. “

“Hey, I’m sorry Dominik. But I don`t know what to do. Somehow a computer virus has damaged the software from the bodytransform machine.
And I have warned you. The machine is a prototype. I have tried everything to change you back.”

“Hey, don`t tell me such crap. The first try transformed me into a woman. The second changed my skin color into black.
And now at the third try I’m still become fat. What’s next?”

“I’ll try everything again. But I think you should get used to the tought, that you are a girl now.
Have you ever thought about a new name? How do you like Denise? “

“Shut up.”

“Ok. But it’s very funny to see you in this situation. You’re the complete opposite.
Ok, I’ll try again to change you back …. Ohh Shit “

“What’s wrong?”

“Ahh, I accidentally deleted the data from your old male body. Sorry, but I think you’re stuck in this body.”

“What? This can`t be true. I don`t want to stay like this. Ok, I have ever liked black girls and big breasts. But I never had the desire to be one.”

“Sorry Denise, you’ll have to get used to it.”

“My name is Dominik.”

“No, your name is Denise, now.”


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