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I was preparing my shot.
I was on the ground, immobile, my target’s head right in the center of my scope.
I was waiting for my superior to give the order for me and the three other hidden gunmen to fire.
These people were finally going to pay for what they had done to that village. Read more

Wizards and time

The dark lord was terrorizing the land, and the only hope of the people was the mage council, containing the 10 stronger known wizards.
In front of the desperate situation, these wizards used all their ressources to concentrate on finding a solution.
Their final plans were simple:
They would use divination spells to look in the future and find the farthest descendant of one of the wizards considering their combined capacities, and combine all of their magic to send the mind of that person’s ancestor to take over his body. The goal being to find futuristic technologies that would allow the defeat of the dark lord. Read more

becoming a cop

Linda was on watch duty today. She had to make sure the prisonners in the little police station didn’t do anything suspicious. It wasn’t hard, there were only 6 cells, 2 of them empty. The job was boring, but she had to take turns with the five policemen she worked with, and it was her turn. Read more

Fun at the bar

Jason was cleaning his bar, enjoying the view on the beach while preparing for the habitual influx of customers that would arrive whe the sun would set. That summer job was perfect. He made money, and had plenty of occasions to see cute girls in bikini. Read more


The door to the treasure room burst open, and the goblin’s body continued it’s way until it hit a wall. The child of the prophecy, whose parents had called Hero, then entered the room. He was confident, since it had been prophesied that he’d bring happiness to his kingdom. Now that he had cleaned that dungeon, he could bring wealth to all of his country… After taking his own share… Read more

dream girl

Annie had always been my dream girl. I couldn’t think of anybody but her. That’s why I started following her and obeying all her wishes. I soon became more of a slave to her than her girlfriend. Read more


”Wait, John! Why are you in that position? Oh my god, you’re not even wearing panties! I can see it all! Now that you got a female body, you have to learn to hide that.” Read more

car accident

Arvey was driving his sister, Hannah, to school because she was late.
He never saw the car that crashed into the side of their vehicle and sent them face on into a tree.
He woke up changed. Read more