Fun at the bar

Jason was cleaning his bar, enjoying the view on the beach while preparing for the habitual influx of customers that would arrive whe the sun would set. That summer job was perfect. He made money, and had plenty of occasions to see cute girls in bikini.

Even though he saw girls every day, Jason was stunned by the beauty of the one approaching him. There were no other custommers this early in the morning, so they were the only two in the bar.

The girl was breathtaking. Her long brown hair flowed down to her tights. She wore only a purple and white bikini, and was obviously not used to wearing so little clothing. A pendant lay on her perfect breast, swinging with each of her uneasy steps. Her earings enhanced the green of her eyes. She seemed stressed to talk to him, but kept her head up in an attempt to keep her dignity.

She lay one of her hands on the counter and asked in an uneasy voice:

-D…Do you work in this ho… hotel?
-I’m not an employee, but I know the boss. Why?
-W…Well…do you think you could ask about a client?
-I could ask a receptionnist…

The girl’s face seemed to show hope at this answer. Jason wished he could really do something for her, he already knew he’d make anything to see her smile.

-By the way, my name is Jason. What’s yours?

She blushed at that question and stuttered

-I…I’m Ma…Mar…

She then seemed to realise something and corrected herself.

-I’m Lily. N…nice to meet you.

Jason didn’t know how to react to that change. ”Lily” had obviously started saying another name. somebody else might have found it strange, but Jason, completely charmed by the girl, saw his interest get even greater with the aura of mystery shruding the beaut in front of him.

-Could you describe the person you’re looking for, asked Jason, wishing the girl wasn’t searching for her boyfriend.
-Sh…she is a witch! She canged me! She is the one who made me like this! You look pretty great, Jason. Damn it! I feel it inside of me, changing how I think!
-what are you saying?

Jason was starting to think the girl, Lily, might have a problem. Yet, that compliment between these seemingly random phrases touched him. Lily calmed down, and sent a glance of desire to Jason.

-Do you have some free time? I see no customers here… maybe we could have a bit of… fun.
-I… uh…

Jason didn’t know what to respond to that attitude change. He didn’t have to, as Lily slid above the counter on all four, and pressed her perfect lips onto his.
He couldn’t even think clearly, and followed Lily as she dragged him toward the little room where he kept his alcohol. He knew what was coming, and intended to enjoy it to the fullest.
What importance held a few customers, compared to such a beauty?

And while Jason was readying himself for a great moment, Marcel was shouting internally, stuck in the body of Lily, which had recently started acting upon itself, forcing him to live through that unwanted experience…


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