becoming a cop

Linda was on watch duty today. She had to make sure the prisonners in the little police station didn’t do anything suspicious. It wasn’t hard, there were only 6 cells, 2 of them empty. The job was boring, but she had to take turns with the five policemen she worked with, and it was her turn.

Suddently, as she was about to get up to finish her shift, one of the prisonners rushed to the bars separating him from the next prisonner and stabbed him with something Linda couldn’t see. Linda screamed for help and went to the wounded man’s cell, but it was already too late, and she could only hold him while he bled out. The man still managed to get his hand up and touch her face. leaving a trace of blood on her chin, then died as help arrived.

Linda was stunned. It had been her duty to make sure nothing like that happened. Seeing her state, her boss told her to go home for the day. She didn’t have the strenght to refuse, and went home, falling on her bed as soon as she got there.

In the middle of the night, she woke up. She felt as if someone was pulling her, but nobody was there. She felt a push, and then started seeing from above her head! She realised something was pushing her out of her own body. Linda wanted to resist, but she had no idea how to. All she could do was watch as more and more of her soul came out of her body, not even knowing what was expulsing her.

Then it was over, she was out of her body. She could see it go back to sleep, but she couldn’t control it anymore.


Robert was on the floor, his blood oozing out from his back. The cute cop that was outside his cell a few second ago caught him. He didn’t want to die. He raised his hand to her, pleading to be saved.

All went black around him.

Robert woke up in his bed. The sun was already high in the sky, so he got up fast, grabbed his uniform and rushed to the bathroom. He took off his pink nightgown, put on a new bra and new panties. The bra was hard to close, did his boobs get bigger again? He started puting on his uniform as he combed his hair and brushed his teeth. He then bowed toward the mirror to put a bit of make-up. He started

As he put his cap, the reality hit him.

How comes he wasn’t dead? Why wasn’t he in his cell? Wait, was he just wearing a nightgown? He looked down to himself… Were these boobs? He went back to the bathroom, which wasn’t his, and saw his own body.

He was a girl! Not any girl, but the woman who’d tried to save him!

Had his pleas to live been answered? If so, he vowed to stop being a criminel and to continue Linda’s (he knew her name from the pin on one of his boobs) job and make the police center better.

He put Linda’s ( he realised he should now think of himself as her, but it was hard) shoes. Luckily, they weren’t high heels. And went to the office. The boss wantd Linda to keep resting, but she really seemed to want to start working immediately. The boss finally accepted, but at the condition that someone was with her.

Later that day, Robert was with Eric, the cop assigned to look after her, going towards the prisonner’s cells. Before they got there, Eric asked her to wait in the hallway while he went to the bathroom.

As she waited, Linda felt strange. She kept imagining Eric with his pants down. She felt strange between her legs, and she realised how hot it was in the hallway.

After what seemed a very long time (even though only seconds had passed), She could hold back anymore and rushed into the bathroom. Eric was washing his hands, but Linda pushed him on the wall and started taking off his pants. Eric started to resit, as did Robert inside of his new body, but in the end, they both ended up having sex.

The stress of his new body added with the pleasure of the act changed Robert’s mind. In a matter of days, Linda became the police station’s sex toy, sometimes ”relieving the stress” of 2 or even 3 of her ex-partners at the same time. She stopped wearing her uniform, prefering a bimbo police suit. Life at the police station had become a lot better due to Robert’s work


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