I was preparing my shot.
I was on the ground, immobile, my target’s head right in the center of my scope.
I was waiting for my superior to give the order for me and the three other hidden gunmen to fire.
These people were finally going to pay for what they had done to that village.


I pressed the triger, but didn’t feel the recoil.
Through my scope, I now only say a wooden wall.
The floor felt different too, even and hard, different from the earth and grass I’d been on.
I could also feel that my positionning was different. I was in a more relaxed pose, with my legs opened wide.

And I wasn’t in my uniform anymore, I could feel the floor -a carpet?!?- on my bare arms and legs.
My clothes felt overall tighter, and it was as if my chest was resting on a bulge on the ground… except that I could feel that bulge.
I realised pretty fast that my pants were gone, but I didn’t feel my dick anymore.A strand of hair drifted in front of my eye -They were supposed to be cut short- , so I pushed it away with a manicured hand.

I soon had no doubt about my situation: I was now a girl.

Before I could decide on what to do next, a manly voice behind me said
“Should we get started?”


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