dream girl

Annie had always been my dream girl. I couldn’t think of anybody but her. That’s why I started following her and obeying all her wishes. I soon became more of a slave to her than her girlfriend.

Then, I finally recieved a message from her. A message I had dreamt to recieve for years.

”Please, come to my house, I need your body <3”

Who’d have thought she meant that literally? As soon as I was at her house, the door opened. Annie was standing there, smiling, wearing the dress she was wearing when I first fell in love with her. she caught me by the arm, dragging me to her room. She pushed me in and closed the door…while staying outside. I heard the door lock behind me, but that was the last of my problems.

My hair were becoming longer and longer, forming two ponytails on the sides of my head. I started shrinking, most of my muscles fading away. Most of the hair disapeared from my now slender arms and legs. My hands became feminine, my nails longer. I felt my face reshaping, becoming the one of a woman. My eyes became the same beautiful blue as Annie’s. Make up appeared on my face. My frail new body was shaking from the change, but it didn’t stop there.

My ass started to grow. It became wider… sexier…The my chest started burning and breastsstarted popping out until they matched my dream girl’s pair. Finally,when I tought everything was over, my penis retracted into my body and the hole it left became a vagina. I could feel the interior of my body burning as it adjusted to my new apppearance.

The change left me panting on the floor, as my clothes became the dress Annie was wearing earlier and her underwear. I still coldn’t move, my body having already exhausted all of it’s energy.

Later, I lost track of how much time had passed, I finally was able to sit, just as three men entered the room. I couldn’t even resist as they lifted my frail body, brought me to their car and drove to an old appartement they called my new home. I was locked in there, alone, until three hours later, my old body entered. Annie, now me, explained to me that she got tired of me doing all she said and sold me to these men who were searching for a sex slave. She didn’t appreciate her life as a woman, so she traded our body with a spell that only cost her a little part of what these men had payed for me.

She then went away, ignoring how I cried for her to give me my body back.

My ”learning” started that same day.

The first time was the most horrible. Two of them were holding my arms while the third started taking off his pants. He caught me by my ponytails and forced me to take his dick into my mouth. I couldn’t do anything against three strong men in that frail body. The smell and the taste were disgusting. When he finally ejaculated, he forced me to swallow it. My eyes were so filled with tears that I couldn’t even see as I felt the two others tearing my dress and taking off my panties, then start penetrating me from both holes as the other one put his dick back into my mouth for another ”serving”

I don’t even know how much time I’ve been here. Must have been weeks. They never gave me new clothes, so I have to live naked They come back four or five times a day, giving me food and water, then fucking me mindless before going away. I stopped trying to resist after the tenth time. I realised that the more I tried to avoid it, the worse it got.

Guess I might as well enjoy my new life since it’s the only one I’ll ever have now


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