Wake up

Joe woke up feeling warm, content, and a little sore. His memories of the previous night came back to him, then his whole trip here. He’d invented a body morphing device, nearly magical in it’s capabilities. He’d spent decades working on it, so when it was done he decided he needed a vacation before he publicized it, as that would be a lot of work too.

First he turned himself into a young hunky man, but it turns out that did nothing to improve his skill with the ladies. Being a curious open minded scientist type, he came up with a solution to his lack of sex problem quickly. He’d just have to be the girl.

Being a chick was kind of fun. It took Joe a few drinks, but he got in the mood, and in no time at all was back in his hotel room being spit roasted by two guys. It felt incredible and they spent the rest of the night fucking in every way imaginable.

Just thinking about it made his tender pussy tingle and he spread his legs. Joe craned his sore neck to look down and saw the mess he’d been left in. He could smell it, the smell of it turning him on again as much as the memories.

A man stepped out of the shower and smiled down at her.

“You look awfully happy.” He said.

“I think I’m ready for another round.” Joe said.

“I just got clean, but that’s as good of an excuse as any to get dirty again.” The man said and let his towel drop o the floor and stalked over to Joe.

“Where’s your friend?” Joe asked, eager for the sensation of not one, but two cocks.

The man shrugged, “I didn’t know him. He wandered off earlier. You’re not disappointed you just have little old me, are you?” The man asked.

“I guess not, but you’re going to have to do the work of two cocks!” Joe said and smirked.

“I’ll try to meet that challenge.” The man said and shoved his dick into Joe.

What Joe wouldn’t learn until after a day fucking so intense he developed a limp, was that the first man had gone through Joe’s purse and taken the device, thinking it an expensive cell phone. Joe wouldn’t be going back to being a man anytime soon…


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