Portable Alteration Device

“Tell me again Nate, why did Charles ever agree with this?”

“Well Simon, Charlie have a fantasy about being a woman and everything around what it means around it. It wasn´t hard to convince him about using the Portable Alteration Device. Amazing little thing, isn´t it?”

Simon nodded his head. “It happened so fast. When you said he would change completely from the tall guy with a beergut into this little hot thing within half an hour I didn´t believe you.
But…why is he just standing there? There haven´t been any movements or any changes from him in ten minutes.”

“Yeah, the second phase is commencing right as we speak. Remember that we said that he would become a full woman? That included the mind as well. So in another ten minutes the reprograming will be finished”.

“And Charles will behave like a woman?”

“He will BE a woman. Our woman. The woman that will cater to our every need”, Nate gleefully told Simon.

Simon blinked a couple of times in suprise. “What?”

“I took the liberty to add some special programming. When that girl over there removes the headset she will be our little toy to command. She will do anything you ask of her”.

Simon cracked a devious smile. “Anything?”

“Anything”, Nate said with emphasis.

“Great! We´ll take turns. Dibs on the pussy!”



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