Jumped the Gun at Bikini Beach

“Hey hun, I am going to take you on a little surprise date this Friday,” My girlfriend exclaimed over our weekly meet up at our wine bar. That is all it was supposed to be, a surprise.

I rushed after work later that week to the address we were meeting at. ‘Oh cool, it is a water park, how come I never noticed this?’ I pondered as I pulled up next to the stream of very cute girls heading in.

“Honey, looks like I am stuck in some afternoon traffic, be there soon,” My girl texted.

“No worries babe, your surprise looks amazing from the outside! I will prepay your ticket and meet you swimming on the inside,” I messaged back. My phone buzzed inside the locker as I stepped in the shower. If only I had picked up before that mystical water hit my skin.

“Oh sweetie, you are beautiful!” My girlfriend squealed on the pool deck after being directed to me by a lifeguard. “Promise you are not mad? I bet this is all very new to you. You make such a gorgeous girl. I mean, you didn’t know magic existed, right?”

My right hand pressed on my mons pubis inside the bikini bottoms my briefs had transformed into. Disbelievingly, I had a fucking mons pubis beyond the bosom my chest ballooned into encased in a red & white striped top; the same top the old lady offered a very distraught me, ‘Young ladies can’t go topless in my park’. I gazed in my girlfriend’s eyes and said with my recently risen voice, “I bought us life passes not knowing this was the surprise babe. They were just so cheap…”

Her face became petrified. We inherently understood this was it, I was stuck as a female for the rest of my life. My girlfriend and I’s relationship hastily took a 180 degree turn, though it was a blast of fun bringing our boyfriends to Bikini Beach the next time we visited.


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