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I know I’m supposed to be a guy, but I just don’t care! I know I’m supposed to be mad at my sister and mom, but I’m just not! Whatever my sister did to me before my last photo shoot she hasn’t undone yet, and it’s been almost an entire week. I’m well aware of my previous life but I’m just not mad or upset because of my sisters magic. Right now I love being a woman. I love the attention my body gets, especially my breasts. When I catch men or even women looking at my exposed cleavage it gives me chills. I was sitting in my room when my mom came in. I was just reading a magazine because since the incident I just had no interest in video games.

“Hey Charlotte, can I… What’s this?” She said looking at me. “Did you pick out that dress from your sisters closet?”

“I did, mom!” I said cheerfully. “How could I not? It’s so pretty and and look how it pushes up my boobs.” I gestured to my chest, lifting them up and letting them fall and jiggle. I knew I wasn’t supposed to have such feminine breasts but they just felt so right sitting on my chest right now.

“It does do wonders for your boobs, dear.” I blushed when she complimented me. “However, I have a small request.”

“What is it mom?” I asked.

“You see, one of my good friends has a son.” This made my mind tingle. I didn’t get mad or anything, but I got nervous. My original mind might be coming back.

“Yea?” I questioned, hoping she would elaborate.

“So his name is Mike and he’s never had a girlfriend, let alone go on a date. He’s a senior in high school, and I noticed you, as of right now, are also around that age. My friend has seen pictures of my new model and asked if she was single, and luckily enough you are!” Now I started to get nervous.

“So what are you getting at mom?” I asked, pretty much already knowing the answer.

“Tonight, in 2 hours actually, you have a nice dinner and movie date with Mike!” My mind stopped for a second. A date? I’m going to go on a date with a guy?

“Um,” I muttered. “Are you sure mom?”

“I’m absolutely sure, Charlotte. You look gorgeous. All the other guys will see how great you look tonight and all the other girls will wish they had your figure” My mom said to me, eyeing me up and down like she usually does. Her saying this made me blush. I guess if it’s just one date.

“Okay mom, I’ll do it!” I said, standing up. “I need to go freshen up then before I head out!” As I left the room and went into the bathroom, my sister came into the room and started talking to my mom. I couldn’t hear what they were talking about. I just got ready and snapped a finished picture to post on my Facebook before I went out.


“Hey mom?”

“Yes sweetie?”

“When should I change Charlottes mind back. She’s has been acting like an actual girl for a week now, and when he enjoys it it’s not as fun.”

“Don’t worry sweetie, I’ll let you know the perfect time to give him his mind back.”


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