Master PC: The date

“Let´s see now…I`ve improved my personality to be more outgoing…curvy woman instead of plain guy….Gonna increase the butt slider just a little bit….There!”.

Larry took a glance down his female body and felt satisfied with the improvements, he was especially proud over his ass and hips, something he had spent hours tweaking to perfection and from there he worked on the proportions for the rest of the body. Longs legs, thin waist and plenty of breasts.
The mirror reflected his visage and he couldn´t help admire his feminine facial features with his arced eyebrows, full and kissable lips, the cute button nose and high cheeks.

His date would be here any moment now picking him up.
“Oh, wait”, Larry suddenly realized.
He went over to the computer again and opened up the Master PC program, entered the name of his date. The data appeared immedately on his screen. “I know I saw that menu here somewhere”, Larry mumbled to himself with his soft and sweet voice.
He dragged the slider to nine inches. That wouldn´t be too big for the first time.

Toninght Larry would finally experience the night he had fantasized about for so long.


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