A Happy Twist – Part 2

I woke up to Taylor Swift brushing the hair out of my face. Yeah.. things had changed since yesterday morning.

“Morning” She said, softly. She seemed almost upset. “Um.. look.. I’m super sorry…”

“Uhhh…morning..” I said, barely awake and confused.

“I just wished that I’d have a gorgeous girl in my bed and I came home and there you were! I know I probably freaked you out last night, and you were really scared!”

“Honestly.. it’s fine.. I was just kinda shocked!”

“It’s not fine! You’re probably from a state thousands of miles from home… I mean is your name even Merissa?”

“Well… It’s actually Mike. You see, I was a guy and I guess I mentioned that if I could uh… y’know.. bang any celebrity I’d bang you and suddenly I was just here.”

She blushed. “Well .. look.. I did a bit of research and I think I can help you get back M…. Mike”

After the craziest, most enjoyable evening of my life, it was all gone. I was gonna go back to my boring old life. Sure, being a woman wasn’t great but I was with Taylor Swift! My life would be sorted… I just needed to figure out how to keep things like this.

“Taylor… uh… are you a lesbian?”

“What? No! It’s just… I guess Bisexual? It just seems fun and guys are just starting to get a bit.. boring.”

“That makes sense… I guess it’s just… maybe before you change me back we should hang out for a bit. I mean, this has been a strange thing and if I changed back now well.. we’d never speak again.”

I mean, I’d never admit it to my friends but I was close to tears. It looked like she was too.

“Um yeah… that’d be … really great. I’ve got a meeting in a few minutes, why don’t you throw something on and meet me for breakfast? It’s all private so they’ll be know paparazzi or anything.”

We kept chatting for a few minutes as she got dressed, and I couldn’t help but admire how amazing she looked. She darted out the room, and I got out of bed and starting looking for something to wear.


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