Dungeon Mistress Now

I loved D&D and fantasy stuff in general, but never thought any of it was even close to real. Even so I spent a lot of time thinking about it all, the minutia of even the weirdest corners of things. Anything might make for a good game if developed far enough. I also hit flee markets regularly for props. An old broach or storage box could really make a game that much better.

Well when I found an interesting sash at a flee market that the seller was keen to get rid of I snapped it up. I’d been thinking about the classic Girdle of Femininity / Masculinity, and how putting on a random girdle made no sense but a sash like this that looked like a symbol of office would. It could easily have been some fertility rite thing, which was the only reason I could think someone would make those damned magic items. And I figured that a simple reproductive flip with maybe some growing into one’s new sex as time progressed made the most sense. I had an ancient god of harvest and fertility, his degenerate satyr followers, and now a sash meant to be put on the king (to become queen) for the festival.

Before the game, I decided to try on the sash and make sure that it could be done up easily so if a character ended up wearing it the player could as well. As soon as I got it secured across my body I felt odd. A moment later it got pushed off me by huge breasts that had grown out of nowhere. It didn’t work at all how I imagined. The mirror showed a gorgeous girl with huge breasts, glasses that framed her—my new—face, and done up nails. Even my pants had become a skirt.

When the doorbell rang I figured I’d have to pretend to be my cousin or something but nope, the guys knew me as a girl and while there were more joke about how they didn’t mind TPKs when I was running it was otherwise the same. Which led me with a dilemma, change them all so we have a great gal group of gamers or see if they’re all up for extra XP by giving the dungeon mistress a good time after the game.


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