Up All Night

The fiery light of dawn was streaming through the windows as I arched my back in a wild moan, convulsively thrusting my breast into the air while my lover, Serena licked at my pussy. I knew then that I had lost, and this would be my body forever.
It had been a casual conversation – the sort that happens between lovers who were supremely comfortable with each other. At that point, I was still a man, and I had just finished taking Serena from behind. We cleaned up the sticky fluids of our love and flopped into bed together, satisfied and exhausted. I commented offhand that we had never stayed up all night having sex the way that people do in movies, always too exhausted after one or two rounds to keep going. Serena gave a small shrug and said, “I bet if you were a woman we’d be able to.”
I should have just let it go, but my ego wouldn’t let me. A couple months earlier, Serena had let me know that she was bisexual, and ever since I had felt insecure about the fact that some chick might have been able to give her the same sort of pleasure I did. So, naturally, I took the very masculine course of digging in my heels and arguing. When Serena commented that she had pulled all-nighters with a couple of her college girlfriends, I finally blew up and said, “No way. No one has that sort of energy. It’s just a myth.”
“Just like magic?” she said.
“Exactly,” I answered.
And that’s how it became an actual bet. Turns out Serena was a practicing sorceress with the power to transform a man into a woman. I woke up in the morning as a slim brunette with perky tits next to a smug girlfriend. She gave me the whole day to get used to my new body, but as soon as the sun went down, we dove into bed. If we fell asleep before morning Serena would change me back and even “enhance” my cock. But if we stayed up all night, I would have to stay a woman forever.
I had planned to cheat the bet, to just crash after a few minutes of awkward foreplay, but that scheme evaporated the first moment that Serena pulled our bodies together. The soft flesh of our tits squeezed together, and my nipples grew hard. Her hands glided over the soft skin of my graceful curves. Our lips fit together perfectly, from the first kiss, I felt a gush of wetness between my legs. I couldn’t believe how horny I was, and my body responded to every touch with fireworks behind my eyes. I had no idea a tongue could summon so much pleasure, and I eagerly returned every kiss and caress.
I lost track of how many orgasms I experienced. I lost track of the time. I lost track of where my body ended and Serena’s began. There was only pleasure and the wild hunger for more pleasure. And that’s how we managed to have sex until morning. I might have been more disappointed at losing bet, but then a flood of pleasure washed all thoughts from my brain. Moaning and thrashing in bed, I realized that I hadn’t lost anything at all.


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