Taste Test

Jerald was at a taste test, and said all the pies tasted bad. He was being a butthole. One of the ladies that baked took action against him.

“So they all taste bad? If you don’t like tasting these then taste this,” she said waving her arms with eyes glowing.

Suddenly Jerald felt strong arms around his back, he was almost naked, with something soft, silky and firm over his ass, legs, and feet. He was tasting a penis and pre-cum, with his dainty new left hand and red nails at the base of it near some balls! He felt pleasure in a new place in his crotch, as a tongue licked his new areas! He felt two weights dangle on his chest as well, rubbing the guy’s stomach! Blonde hairs got into his vision as he felt it cascade around his face and left shoulder.

Jerald knew something was wrong, he was tasting a man, and he must be a woman?! How and why, then he remembered what that woman said at the taste test, she must have done this to him! Before he could react enough the guy came, just as Jerald took his mouth off the penis. Soon his face was splattered with cum, he was on the receiving end of what he had watched so many times in porn! Soon he had his first female orgasm as the man got him off as well! To make matters worse, Jerald for some reason was starting to be turned on by the cock and the cum, thinking they both tasted good, better than pie!

A whisper in his left ear was heard, “Jerald, you upset me, and this his how you will pay for it. I’m tired of butthole guys like you, so now maybe you can USE your new butthole instead of being a butthole! You are Jessica Jizz now, cum slut extraordinaire, and it’s permanent. Have a nice life Ms. Jizz. Be lucky I didn’t make you Mrs. Piss or something.”

As Jerald now Jessica took all this in, he, well SHE realized she should have been more careful what she did, but also that cocks and cum were so yummy, did it matter? She was now a cum slut first and foremost, and wanted to taste test more men!


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