Treat Me Like You Do

“You’ll pay buddy boy, you’ll pay dearly with your life,” said Brenda to Brent after yelling at him for him hitting her after she didn’t want the rough sex he was providing.

“What are you going to do? Try to kill me like in one of your Lifetime movies? That would be just great,” said Brent almost laughing.

“I wouldn’t kill you, I’m not that evil. Besides those are just movies, I don’t live movies, I’m not crazy. I do get revenge sometimes though, and I think poetic justice is a good thing. So here’s what I’m going to do….,” said Brenda who then muttered a spell.

Suddenly Brent was on his back on their coffee table surrounded by naked hairy men, and the whole room reeked of sex! He had big boobs and a pussy, and his face and body were already splattered with some of these men’s hot cum!

“OH MY GOODNESS,” said Brent surprised he sounded like a woman, but at the same time knew his body felt weird.

Brenda said, “I took your life, and gave you this one in place of it! You like to use and abuse women? Now you can be used and abused AS A WOMAN! Got that there, Bethany? That’s right BETHANY! GET USED TO IT! You are now nothing but a flipping cum whore, used by multiple men daily. That will teach you to treat women like you did me, and by the way, IT’S FLIPPIN’ PERMANENT, BITCH! I HOPE YOU LIKE MEN AND COCKS.”

Brenda walked out the door, and out of Brent, now Bethany’s life forever, leaving HER with her new life of being used and abused by men much like she used to be. Only this time they had the cocks and strong bodies, and she was on the other end.


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