The four guys that found the magic genie lamp at the beach were Nathan, Jake, Larry, and George. The one wish genie trying to be fair, said he would grant one wish to each. Already rich beyond belief, the guys, thought they would wish for things that they might not be able to get with money. Nathan wished for a huge libido where he could go again and again, Jake wished for a much larger cock, Larry wished for the ability to shoot huge loads at great distances, and George wished for a cute little sexy cum slut who loves to be with multiple guys at once (notably them).

The genie had no problem granting these wishes, however, the genie was a bit mischievous too. When someone asked for a hot slut, he liked to make them into that slut. After all most were not specific enough on whom that slut would be anyway! So, Nathan’s libido increased dramatically as he felt like he could do sex all day non-stop, Jake’s cock grew super long and felt way better too, Larry’s balls increased in size and power as did his ejaculation ability making him be able to shoot heavy loads far away with intense orgasm, and finally George got his wish.

“What the hell,” Georgia screamed as she was grabbing Nathan (l), and Larry (r), as Jake’s already huge penis got larger with erection (b).

George, now Georgia found HERSELF grasping two of her buddies with their “enhancements” as her other buddy’s cock was touching her forehead as it grew. Larry had so much cum he already shot one load on Georgia, as she got a taste of a man for the first time! As she realized she had long hair now, was soft and petite, felt the new boob weight, and wet pussy dripping, her new mouth opened in stunned disbelief, realizing the genie made her that cum slut, and that she only had one wish and she was stuck! At least her buddies wouldn’t have to look far for a partner!

What’s worse Georgia’s new desires took hold, and the cocks of the three studs along with the cum from Larry, and her new preferences to be with multiple dudes, making her realize she probably won’t be able to resist her friends either, and her status went from buddy to fuck buddy, as her friends became manlier, and she become much more feminine! A whiff of the smell of pussy filled the air, and Georgia realized she was the only girl in the room, it was her!


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