Get a Kick 2

I walked through the house looking for my mom, trying to suppress the feminine sway that came with this body and this ass. This effort only aided in making my movements stiff and making me jiggle more than I already did. Still, I was able to manage until I nearly fell on my face, a pair of heels suddenly appearing on my feet.
“Damn it mom…” I said under my breath as I stopped to step out of the heels. Once they were off I took a step and nearly fell over once again, the shoes having reappeared on my feet. Obviously my mom’s got the real-time monitor on Adobe Change and she’s actively editing me, so when she saw I took the heels off she put them back on me with just one click. I let out an annoyed ‘Grrr’ and continued to find her, heels be damned. To my further anger, I found it next to impossible to avoid swaying my hips and ass while wearing these heels.

Finally I found my mom on her laptop in the dining room, giggling to herself. Since she’s had access to the program I’d been changed into her four times, and one might think I’d be used to it, but I wasn’t. Each time it felt like a huge violation. Changing genders and growing body parts is one of the strangest sensations I’ve ever felt and I hated it each time. In addition, it felt gross to be in my mom’s body, having to go to the bathroom as her and acknowledge all of her…”womanly parts” as my own. As you can guess it was totally emasculating. I’ve started to realize that my mom thrives on my humiliation. She thinks it’s just sooo funny that I’m uncomfortable in her body.

I appeared in the archway of the dining room with an angry look. By this time she had changed my outfit to a little dress and my hair so it looked professionally styled. With the changes she made to my ass and chest, in addition to the skin tone and makeup, I looked like some porn star version of her.
“Hahaha! Wow, you’re all tits and ass!” She said looking up at me. My face got red from embarrassment and anger about the fact that she was pushing my buttons on purpose. She loved to remind me how womanly I was whenever she turned me into one.
“Jesus Christ mom this is NOT funny anymore!” I hissed, wishing I could sound more intimidating with her voice.
“Hahaha I’d say its pretty damn funny.”
“What sick pleasure do you get out of torturing me like this?” I fired back.
“Hey, you’re 20 years old, living with your mother for free. You don’t pay rent, you don’t buy groceries, you don’t clean. You also don’t seem to appreciate all I do for you, so excuse me if I have a little fun at your expense!”

Anger welled up inside me and I couldn’t take it.
“You’re such a bitch!” I said in the heat of the moment. When my mother stopped laughing at me and looked up I knew I had fucked up. “I mean-” I tried to backtrack
“My case in point. After all I do for you and you call your mother a bitch. Well my funs just beginning, and there’s a few more features on this program I’ve been wanting to try out.” She said as she started going through menus and clicking around.
“What are you doing?” I asked timidly.
“There’s an ‘obedience’ dial here. I just have to click this little box to turn it on and designate myself as the ‘authority’ as they call it.” she said with a chuckle. My heart skipped a beat, this did not sound good. “Now maybe I’ll just move the dial way down.”

She looked at me and I looked back, unsure of what she’d done.
“Strike a sexy little pose. Hands on your legs, stick your ass and your tits out.” She told me. I did as she said, I couldn’t help it. I was right, this wasn’t good. Now she could control not just what I looked like, but how I acted. I stuck my chest out, tried to look sexy while I pleaded with a tone of voice that contradicted my pose.
“Mom please. I’m sorry!”
“I know you are hon, but like I said I’m just getting started.”

I gulped. Who could say what I was in for now. I’d pissed off my mom, who now more than ever was not one to let me live that down.


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