Get a Kick 3

“Oh what to do, what to do…” My mother mused as I stood frozen, forced into some ‘sexy pose’. “This program has so many options… but I suppose there’s no rush. Maybe I’ll just leave you like that for a while, hm? A living statue?”
“Come on, mom. I don’t want to do this.”
“You’re right, that’s boring. Let’s see how far this obedience option can go. You don’t like being a woman much do you?”
“Definitely not.”
“I can tell” She said smiling. “but you make such a sexy one. Let’s see you move what your mamma gave you *giggle*. Shake those melons around, son.”

I started to bounce my chest up and down, the weight of my boobs causing a fair amount of discomfort. Internally I cursed her for this humiliation but I knew not to open my mouth after having just called her a bitch.

“Oh wow, those things fly everywhere right? Or they would if you didn’t have a bra on.” She said, clicking something with her mouse. I felt the bra disappear and my boobs really started going everywhere. The expression on my face said it all- I was fearful and angry and powerless. I stood there, still bouncing my tits while they got sore.

“You can stop now.” She said and I did. “Do you think you’re sexy?”
“I look like you!” I asserted.
“Mmm, not really. I don’t have those curves or that hair or that skin. You barely look like me. No answer honestly. Do you think you look sexy?”

I saw myself in the mirror across the room and realized that yes, I did look sexy. I had no choice but to respond with, “Yes.”

“What do you think is the sexiest part of you?”
“My ass…” I said, refusing to make eye contact with her.
“Let me see it. Hike your dress up and turn around.” She commanded. I did just that.

“Those panties do look good, but let’s see…” She said, clicking away once again. I felt the fabric of my underwear shrink and snap between my ass cheeks. “Have you ever worn a thong?”

“N-no.” I said, realizing that I was now.
“You’ll get used to it. You’re right though, your ass is excellent. I wonder what a guy would think of it. I can’t take your word for it since you’re clearly not much of a guy. Go kneel on the sofa, keep your ass out for me.”

Terrified, I stepped in my heels over to the sofa and kneeled down on it, sticking my ass out toward her. I was under no illusion that she put me in an extremely sexual pose, and I got nervous thinking what would come next.

“I think I’ll finally take the plunge and make some changes on myself…” She said, clicking, “I mean, you get the once in a lifetime experience of seeing life as a woman… maybe I should see life as a man.” She clicked something and I watched her quickly morph into a male version of herself. She went about changing her clothes to those of a man’s and made her hair short and dark. After that she gave herself an athletes body. She looked over to me.
“Hmm… about the same. Let’s see…” She said, looking back at the computer screen. “What’s this? ‘Orientation’? Well let’s just change that.” She said with a click and looked back over, “Woah! That’s a big difference.” She bit her lip and I could see her rubbing her crotch. “Look at the wall.” She told me, her voice now deep and manly.

My head sprang forward to look at the wall. My heart was beating inside my chest as my tits hung from it. Then I heard the sound of a click of her mouse and a zipper.

“Look at this…” She said calmly. I turned my head back to see my mother, now with the body of a football player naked from the waste down, a long hard rod pointed at my poised ass. I found myself staring at her dick for a moment longer than I should have. “Tell me. Does this look good to you? Tell the truth.” she asked.

It was then I realized that my mother must have changed my sexual orientation just as she had done hers. My mouth betrayed what I wanted to say, but I had to tell the truth.
“Yes.” My meek, womanly voice said in a near whisper.


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