Get a Kick 4

“Tell me. Does this look good to you? Tell the truth.” she asked.

It was then I realized that my mother must have changed my sexual orientation just as she had done hers. My mouth betrayed what I wanted to say, but I had to tell the truth.
“Yes.” My meek, womanly voice said in a near whisper.

My mother, whose toned muscles and hard cock I could barely take my eyes off of, smiled and stepped closer to me. Inside I felt the dread that comes with knowing your fate was sealed. Since she used the program to alter her mind and sexuality, her interest in me has gone from that of an object of humiliation, to a sexual object, and I could see it in her eyes. She stared at my ass, presented and ready for her, myself unable to change position until she let me. Along with the dread came an excitement, no doubt due to her changing my own sexual orientation. Despite my wanting to get up and run away, part of me yearned for that rod. I could feel my mouth water, my crotch got warm. My stomach was in knots, no part of me had ever been interested in men, but now I couldn’t get over how much I was.

“I can tell. Crawl over to me and kneel in front of it.” She told me. I got off the couch and began crawling on my hands and knees over, looking at the floor and my swinging tits to avoid looking at what I was crawling towards. “Look at it, don’t take your eyes off it.” My eyes darted to her dick, long and hard. Before long my face was inches from it.

“Mom, please-” I begged before she interrupted.
“Shut up. You called me a bitch. Very bad idea. You stole from me and have disrespected me your whole life. You need to learn a lesson. You called me a bitch? Now whose the bitch?” She said before slapping her cock across my face and laughing. “Answer me.” She said, slapping my cheek again.

“I am.” I said quietly, still unable to look away from her cock.
“You’re my bitch. Say it.”
“I’m your bitch.”
“Good. Now suck.”

Immediately my lips wrapped around her cock. I tasted its salty sweat and felt its ridgitity as it slid in and out of my mouth. I couldn’t stop. I slid my mouth over every inch of her rod and I despaired when I realized how much I liked it. Damn her, the power the program gives her has driven her crazy. She’s made her own son into some milf sex doll with no free will. Did I deserve this? I may have been a shitty son but I never thought it would come to this. I felt a wetness in-between my thighs, and when my mom reached down to massage my breast I reacted with an unanticipated moan.
“Tell me you love sucking my cock.”
“I love sucking your big hard cock.” I responded between licks and heavy panting. She didn’t tell me to include ‘big and hard’ and both of us knew this.

After ten more minutes my mouth was sore but I still couldn’t stop. Finally I heard my mom grunt and felt a torrent of warm, salty goo appear in my mouth. We were both breathing hard but I still continued to suck, unable to break away.
“Stop.” She said, sounding spent. I stopped and looked up at her like a frightened puppy waiting for what would come next. I swallowed the cumload and felt it slide down my throat.

“That was great, don’t you think?” She asked, walking over to the computer.
“Um…” I said, not even sure how I felt. “Yeah… I guess. Are you going to change us back now?” I asked, with hope in my feminine voice.
“Ha! You’re not out of the woods yet. You’re too good at that, there’s a lot more we need to try.” She said, closing the laptop. “Now go get dinner started, your man’s hungry.”
“O-okay mom.” I said, standing up and pulling my dress back down to cover my ass.
“Call me sir.”
“Yes sir.” I left the room, dejected and began to cook dinner. I felt my tits bounce bra free in my dress, my thong ride up my ass, and the taste of cock lingering in my mouth. This would probably be my life for a while, I had to find some way to live with it.


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