Best Friends to Girlfriends

Joe and Jack were were flatmates and friends.
“I am tire of being single.”Said Jack
“Yeah me too.” Said Joe.
“I wish both had a hot busty teenage slutty girlfriend.”

They both chuckled, but what they did not know was that a pebble Jack had collected and placed on the windowsill was a wishing stone, so it disappeared in a flash of light.
“I feel odd.” Said Joe.
“Me too.” Said Jack with his voice cracking.
“Your shrinking” Squeaked Joe.
“No your shrinking.” Squeaked Jack.
They both pulled hair from obscuring their eyes then stared at the little girly hands and screamed. They both turned to each over and simultaneously shouted.
“We look like girls!”
They then both looked down to the bulges in each others t shirts, and patted them selves down and screamed again. Then the caressed there crotches and screamed yet again.

“Ew gross these clothes stink I have to take them off.” Said Jack.
“Same, funny how I only just noticed that.”Said Joe.
When they had both stripped Jack said.
“Wow we are hot.”
“I would like to see if this hair did not keep getting in the way.” replied Joe and tied her hair into pigtails with some old faded tinsel.
“Oh that looks cute Josephine.” She said it as a tease but sudenly she got a pang jealousy plucked some daisies through the window and tucked them in her hair.
“You too Jacqui. Wait, did we just do that? There is plenty of old string here but I went for the pink tinsel.”
“And I felt jealous and grabbed a flower, weird. I still feel tainted by those dirty clothes I am having a shower.”
“Don’t take too long.”

Jaqui got distracted in the shower caressing her new curves. Impatient Josephine burst in but forgot what she was going to say.
“This shower can fit two.” Said Jacqui.
“Let me wash your back.” Said Josephine.
As she was rubbing her back Josephine slipped her hands round and squeezed Jacqui’s tits, and hugged her squeezing her own tits into he back. They then kissed and fondled each other and fingered each others slits until the came with finger squeezing contractions.

“I guess your wish did come true we are both have a busty girlfriend. ” Said Josephine.
“Did not expect it to be each other though.” Said Jacquie.
“Or for wishing to work.”Said Josephine.
“This is nice but our fingers are to skinny we need strap ons.” Said Jacquie.
“Yeah… oh I guess that covers the slutty part.” Said Josephine.

They got clean clothes but agreed that a pair of baggy shorts and a T shirt was just not acceptable, and went shopping. Buying skimpy dresses miniskirts and 3 inch heeled shoes which they concurred was the minimum height throwing their old clothes in the trash. They had the beauty assistant help show them how to put on make up. But when they got to the check out they found they had maxed out their credit cards.
“Oh no we have not even bought the dildos yet.” Said Jacquie.
They both pouted. But then Josephine saw some hot guys walk buy and said.
“Hey if you help carry this shopping home and spare a fifty for this make up we will make it worth your while.” with a wink.

Once they got home they started with a strip tease but it quickly escalated to lap dances, groping and before they knew it they were sucking and riding many cocks. After midnight they both lay exhausted bruised and chafed on the blood and cum stained floor. “Guess there is no need to waste money on dildos or strap ons when dicks are for free.” Said Jacqui.
“Yeah, and I take back what I said before it is now that we are truly sluts.”
They fell asleep cuddling each other, happy and contented.

The dicks were free but they had to cover their other bills so they started working as strippers. Which was quite lucrative, but the have got a bit of money trouble again now as pregnant strippers are a niche market.


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