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Live Stream Product

It was a supreme investment opportunity. The way in which Barry, Nathan and Adam had discovered ways for men to become women was revolutionary. Yet there was no way they could sell it legally. They couldn’t even administer it to others.
They decided they would display their handiwork on themselves via a live stream. People had to pay to stream the display of a true feat of scientific advancement. Millions tuned in each paying a substantial amount of money.
Once on air the three men all produced green bikinis. They each one by one slipped the bottoms on. The camera zoomed as it demonstrated the changes. The lower halves of their bodies became absolutely female. Their hips widened, hair diminished, skin softened, rears ballooned and their crotches flattened. Adam even gave the viewers a sneak peak of his (or maybe her) new genitalia down below.
They then all put the tops on. Their chests ballooned and stomachs flattened as arms became thin, lips plumped and hair sprouted. The soon all appeared as women. Barry was Beatrice (left). Nathan was Natasha (middle). The vagina-flashing Adam became Ava (right).
They all gave the viewers a show. They flashed their breasts and danced around. They flashed their asses and masturbated. The live stream was an immense hit.
The publicity was huge. They had millions of e-mails requesting the gender changing products they supplied. But they couldn’t, law said no. However, it didn’t stop them. The three inventors loved feminity and they saw it as a great idea to share it with everyone.
They made millions selling the products. Billions even. It soon became trillions.
It’s been five years now. Beatrice, Natasha and Ava are all still women and very happy. Thanks to their products 89% of the world is women. People simply couldn’t resist. These three women have changed the world forever more than any one in history before them. They are immensely popular and are goddesses to the world and they wouldn’t trade any of it.

This Isn’t Me

Ever since this happened my minds gone crazier and crazier. I went from man to woman and despite my initial panic I was ok but my minds changing. I seem to be consistently losing my intellectual talent and my interests keep on changing. I went from liking cars and sports to being obsessed with lipsticks, lingerie, skirts and heels. What’s most concerning is my desire for men. I can’t stop thinking about cock and my desperate need for one inside me. What’s happening to me? This isn’t me.

Friendly Device

It was so interesting. Finding a device that could alter the genders of those around me. I didn’t really believe it at first and initially brushed it off as been completely and utterly outlandish. I put it in my cupboard and put it to the back of my mind.
However later curiosity got the better of me. I had to see if it could do what it said it could. It seems cruel looking back on it but I tried it on my dog. Soon the old boy was a girl. No longer did he cock a leg up to pee. She squatted. After a few days I changed him back which caused him to go crazy. I changed him back to a she and the growling stopped. I assumed that maybe he liked being female.
It made me think. The dog enjoyed it so much. Maybe I could try being female, it was pretty easy to change back. If I didn’t like it which I was certain I would, I would change back. Nothing lost.
I clicked the button and it happened. I became a woman. Tits, curves, long hair and a vagina. A woman. With the device I also altered reality slightly. I had decided that it was best I fully live through womanhood to make it realistic. I made all my male possessions their female equivalents and I changed my identity to Katie (3rd from the left).
I pushed myself to adjust. I swore to myself I would last at least a week. It wasn’t easy. I wanted to fit in so I learnt how to walk in heels and do make up. It really requires quite intricate skills to make yourself look your best. Then there was sitting to pee which at first was purely humiliating.
It wasn’t long before I began to consider the female gender. The pluses and minuses of being a member of the other side. I loved the plush bottom of a woman that allowed comfort as well as the space between my legs which meant for the first times my legs could come together with ease. I also enjoyed breasts and the cooling sensation of a dress or skirt. Not to mention the satisfaction of looking in the mirror. I soon decided that I would stay this way for a little longer and maybe share the joy with others.
Andrew, Larry, Byron, Nate and John were all great friends of mine. I proposed to them that they join me as a woman just to try. I went through all the benefits I had discovered. It didn’t matter they stubbornly refused. I was devastated. I later decided that I may as well make them change after all I don’t need consent.
Andrew became Anna (far left), Larry became Lauren (2nd from left), Byron became Bianca (4th from left), Nate became Natalie (2nd from right) and John became Jessica (far right). They were all quite distressed. I altered reality to match their identities and give them female possessions. I also made us all live in the same house.
It was great fun. Mentoring these new women. Teaching Natalie to do make up, Jessica to sit to pee and Anna to walk in heels. It was so much fun. It wasn’t long before they embraced womanhood as much as I had. Soon, we had all agreed to stay this way forever.
I was so happy. I almost felt bad for forcing the others into this but at the end of the day I forced them to be happy. How can I feel bad about that? This is so good. We’re living the dream. Wearing skirts and having vaginas. Living the dream. What Are Friends For?

Trouble At Sea

I knew something wasn’t right. I knew it. That freighter was obscenely suspicious yet I did nothing about it absolutely nothing. I didn’t think to move my boat well clear. It cost me.
It was carrying a feminising chemical and they released. I inhaled the toxic substance and inhaled it deeply. It changed my body from top to bottom. I was soon a petite blonde. A female.
Why didn’t I move the boat?

Fresh Cream

The tattoo you just got was supposed to turn you into a sex symbol. The transformtion would take 30 minutes. So, you expected that by the time you got home you would have a ripped body, and a huge cock. But instead, the opposite happened, you had huge sensitive breasts, and a wet pussy. Your hair was long and tinted purple. You took a look at yourself in the mirror, and if you were still a man, you will no doubt have sex with your reflection. Read more

Unexpectedly Happy

The Great Shift had wrecked havoc upon the entire world. The shift only affected people within 10 miles of each other, but the entire world was still left shaking heads. Some people were swapped with their own children, others with old friends, some even shifted into a baby’s body, but most were just swapped with someone who they have never met or seen before in their life. Read more


This wasn’t an accident. Unlike others, we knew. We knew about the contamination in the water. We wanted to jump in it just to find out. What did it feel like to be a woman?
Step by step we went in to the pool. Every bit of our bodies the water touched made it feminine. As the water swelled above our feet our feet shrunk, hair abolished and toenails polished. As we went further in our legs became womanly and smooth. Soon there was the introduction of wide hips and a plump ass as well as two pink lips forming a vagina. Further and further until we dunked our heads under and into femininity.
We were both so excited. We couldn’t wait to learn more and buy sexy bikinis. Let’s see what’s ahead.

Pregnant Swap

“Okay, right leg, aand left leg,” I said as I stepped out of the shower. When I had agreed to swap bodies with my pregnant wife I hadn’t really thought about how much I was going to have to get used to. At least for her it was a slow progression, but I became seven months pregnant literally overnight, and that was a month ago! Plus, I had to get used to stuff like having to sit to pee (which this baby makes sure I do often), and these breasts. I know I’m pregnant and this isn’t what they’re like all the time, but I still don’t know how women deal with them all the time. I mean, I love a nice pair of tits as much as the next guy, but now that I’ve been on the other side of them it feels different. All that said though, her body is still a lot of fun, huge belly and all.
Leaving my thoughts, I pick up my towel and wrap it around my rear, beginning to dry off my ass when I hear someone. I turn around and catch my own body, currently inhabited by my wife, of course, peeking around the corner of the bathroom at me. I smile at her, and giggling I drop the towel. “Oops,” I say mischievously, and bend down awkwardly to pick it up. When I stand up she’s right next to me, and she places a hand on my still sopping wet belly.
“You still like this?” she asks. And I smile and nod. I love being in this body, more than she knows.
“I do, and actually,” I start to say. “I was hoping we could stay like this?”
I look up at my husband as he smiles at me, his hand still on my belly as he pulls me into a big kiss.

Friend To Girlfriend

I never meant for this too happen. It just thought it’d be funny you know, to change him into a woman. I thought it’d be hilarious. Watch him adjust to sitting to pee, wobble in heels and have long hair. Plus I could use a bit of blackmail for some saucy photos or enjoyable experiences. Little did I know that the potion I slipped into his beer that night wasn’t exactly what I thought. Read more