The One That Got Away

I was out on my launch fishing, when felt on strong tug on the line, as I started reeling the line in the line yanked back and almost pulled me off the back of the boat. But I stubbornly tried reeling it in again, but instead of yanking again there was a surge in the water and I could see a massive silhouette speeding towards the boat, and a Mermaid leaped out of the water hanging on to the railing.
“How dare you hide vicious hooks inside tasty fish!” She shouted and threw my fishing hook back at me.
“This sea is mine, all these are all my fish!” She said as she snatched the bucket with today’s catch in it.
Her eyes glowed green and with a deeper voice she spoke “I curse you, you shall never catch a fish again, instead you shall become the catch and a very easy catch at that.” Her eyes glowed brighter and I suddenly seemed to be getting shorter and the fishing rod grew larger in my hands. I looked down at my now childlike hands and two mounds suddenly sprouted in my shirt. My shirt and trousers then shrunk into a skimpy bikini revealing a slender but shapely figure. She cackled at my gasps as I touched my soft sensitive skin then she slipped back into the ocean.

I spent the rest of the day searching the sea for her hoping to plead for my old life back. I did not even catch any more fish that day that part of the curse had worked too. I will never use a fishing rod again. I sighed and sailed back to the Marina to console myself with a drink at the bar hopefully find some hot men.. wait did I just think that?

Now that I am back at the bar I am finding it takes much less drink to get me tipsy than before. And no matter how simple the pick up line a man says to me, my lips pucker up, both pairs. Then its not long until those lips are are wrapped round a rod. I am too easy to seduce, riding another mans rod is the best fun I have ever had, I cant resist.

I would not mind meeting that Mermaid again now, just to thank her.


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