Too delicious to resist

Sequel to ‘A sweet but addictive treat’

“Oh my God! What have you done?” said Eric in shock as John finished chewing the magic candy, making his transformation into a woman permanent.

“It’s Joan now. Now and forever, ” said John with a smile. She sighed. “Stop being so melodramatic. You know it is much better to be female. I have seen the way you act when you eat the candy yourself. You love it just as much as I do.”

Eric had to admit it was exciting. Everything just seemed ….. better. Eric felt more energetic, more alive. And his body was so responsive. It was like all his senses were magnified. He was even treated better by other people. Well, at least by the guys. Some of the other girls gave him the cold shoulder, jealous of his beauty and the attention it garnered.

Joan picked up the box of magic candy and laid it on her lap.

“What are you doing?” asked Eric nervously.

“Oh, don’t play dumb, Eric. You know exactly what I am doing, ” said Joan, as she smiled slyly and slowly opened the box of candies. “Come on, try one. You know you want to do it.”

Eric started to back away but Joan continued her appeal.

“Become a woman again and join me, Erica. I will show you the time of your life. Your previous pathetic little adventures have just scratched the surface of what it is like to truly be a woman. Shopping for clothes? Putting on makeup? A nice warm, soapy bath? Masturbation? Mere child’s play! Come with me and I will show you a new world, things you never thought possible, pleasures you have only glimpsed briefly in your dreams. I will show you why I wanted to stay like this forever. And trust me, you will not want to ever change back either.”

The rational part of Eric’s mind tried to resist. He had seen some of Joan’s wild escapades firsthand and knew she could be reckless, even dangerous. But that just added to the temptation. He had to know what Joan was offering, he had to experience it firsthand.

Just one candy won’t hurt me, thought Eric. As long I don’t eat another candy while in my female form I will change back when the magic wears off. I am not like Joan. I can resist the urge to stay female forever.

Eric reached out and grabbed a candy from the smirking Joan. He hungrily devoured it, swallowing it quickly and not bothering to savor the taste.

He moaned a little as he felt the familiar pleasure of transformation. His hair grew longer and finer. His waist narrowed, his hips widened. His ass and breast plumped up. His skin softened, losing all trace of body hair. His excited dick twitched erratically as it shrank down to a nub, becoming a small but engorged clit. His testicles were sucked into his developing slit, already a little wet from the excitement.

Joan jumped off the bed and took Eric’s hand into her own.

“No time to dawdle, Erica. We don’t have any time to waste. We have a long night ahead of us and we need to get started right away. But first we need to get you properly dressed, ” said Joan as she guided her sister towards the wardrobe cabinet, anxious to introduce Erica to a new world eagerly awaiting her entrance.


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