The right shot

Shit, shit, shit, thought Brandon as he continued to cycle through the images on the card of the digital camera. It has to be on here.

But try as he might, Brandon could not find his own picture on the camera.

Brandon had purchased the magical camera at the odd store that suddenly appeared in the mall. The storekeeper explained that it allowed the user to assume the shape of anyone whose image had been recorded by the camera. But he also warned Brandon to take a picture of himself first – the camera would only work if the image was made by taking a picture of a real living human being. A picture of a picture would not work.

Brandon had followed the old man’s advice. But as he took more pictures and changed into many different bodies, he got a little too excited and filled up the space on the card of the digital camera. Somehow it looked like the camera had overridden his original picture to make space for a new one.

Brandon jerked up as he heard his sister open the front door. It would be hard to explain why there was a strange nude girl laying on their family’s kitchen counter. Then again, maybe if he took her picture, Brandon could replace his sister. Just temporarily, of course. Just until he could clean up this mess.

Brandon aimed the camera at the kitchen door and patiently waited for his sister to enter, carefully positioning the camera for just the right shot.


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