Hitting the bar

All began one night, when i decide to hit the bar and try to meet some girls. I was there for an hour and half, waiting some friends to arrive and pretty despair to not see any intersting girl. Suddenly a man come to me.
– What a cute girl.
I look behind me but see no girl
– That’s you i’m talking about. You are really a cute girl
– Hum, man, i think you need glasses… now if you escuse me, i’m not into guy.
– Me neither…
And with that, he kissed me. I was so surprised i cannot do anything. And when i try to back off, i wasn’t able to do it. He break the kiss and i still cannot move.
– Sit down, he said and i immediatly do it. Now let me explain, you are in my control for a few hours. So first we will go to my home and i will give you the form you always meant to have.
I wanted to go but i couldn’t. On the outside i was calm but inside iwas in panic. Then he move to the exit and i automatically followed him. His appartment was near the bar and we reach it quickly. Arrived, he told me to go in front of a big mirror. I was standing still as he began to undress me.
– I can see the people how they really meant be. And when i see a cute girl like you, i have to correct the nature mistake. I have to let you bloom.
– i’m…not…a…g…, was all i could manage to say.
– Shhhh, it will be over soon.
He began to caress my naked body and, by seeing me in the mirror, i have the feeling i was slimmer than before. And i also coul see my hair slowly becoming longer.
– Go to the bed and wait for me.
I do as he said and place me on all four. An other mirror was on the head of the bed and i could see me changing slowly. He quickly join me, now naked.
– Now i will fuck your ass. But just until you loose this dick of yours. After that, i promess you, you will thank me.
I couldn’t scream when he penetrated me but i managed to down my head to not see waht’s happening to me. I loose track of time as he moved to me. Then he take my head and force me to watch. And what i saw stunne me, i was now a cute petite brunette, moaning.
– Now that you are complete, i will properly honnor you.
He flip me on the back and i feel him enter my new pussy. I moaned loudly and realised that’s was actualy me who done that. I was slowly regaining my abilty to move. The fear becoming more and more pleasure, i stop to fight it and let it flow.
The next morning, i was in control of my body, but not really my body. It was not a dream, he really turn me into a woman, and not just the outside. I realised i remembered all my life as a girl now even if i have the memory i was a man before. But i have the feeling i will be the only one to know Julian, the man i used to be. The man join me and hold my now petite form. He invited me to stay a bit and i accepted. I was his girl for a while, making love to him, accepted my fate and began to enjoy this life. One day, i decide to leave and he let me go, his work was done, he said.
I continued my life as a girl from now on, i even started dating my old best friend. One day i crossed the way of the man again when i was with a girl friend who just break up. As she went to restroom, he come to me and say.
– You know, your friend could be really better as a dog.
I just smile to him as he go the restroom. I saw him kissed her and bring her out of the bar. The next day, i found a dog on my doormate with “Brittany” on her collar.


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