Dads Bonding at the Rave

“Oh my god, look at the size of that guy,” Derrik exclaimed. He felt so small and vulnerable, especially given the little blue booty shorts he wore with next to nothing up top. Across the dance floor he could make out Sam running his hands along the exposed chest of a muscular man. “Damn, that bastard is taking all the good ones.”

Derrik scanned the dance floor quickly and let his eyes settle on another target. He twisted and turned his lithe young body through the crowd, his nearly bare breasts rubbing up against strangers. He felt hands running along his thighs and ass, and he had to bite his lip to keep from shivering in excitement. He wanted so badly to turn around and throw himself into the crowd and be taken; be their little toy, their little hole made just for their throbbing cocks.

He pushed the thought aside. Barely. He reached the target of his desires: a tower of a man that clearly packed more in his pants than Derrik did a few hours ago. He pushed his body against the man, feeling his bare skin press into the man’s steely muscles. The stranger responded immediately, pulling Derrik in front of him and grinding against his little blue shorts. Derrik felt the hard bulge of the man’s cock press between his petite asscheeks.

“Oh. My. God. Daddy!”

Derrik snapped out of his cock reverie. He stared at Sam’s body. His actual body. “Fuuuuck…,” Derrik breathed in his tiny feminine voice. Sam’s middle aged, paunchy body bulled its way through the crowd and stood in front of Derrik. Even though Sam was never a tall man, his body still towered over Derrik’s new smaller form.

“What the fuck are you doing?!”

Derrik pushed the stranger riding up his ass off of him. “Oh, hey, sweetie,” he said calmly, trying not to be intimidated by his daughter yelling at him from his best friend’s body.

“Where is my body? What are you two doing out here? Give us back our bodies!” His daughter Emily was causing quite a scene in Sam’s body. Derrik looked around frantically, and sure enough here came Sam strolling toward them in Emily’s skin. He was wiping at his mouth and his eyes were glazed over under the bear hood that he wore.

“Hey,” Sam said drunkenly. Bits of fluids collected at the edges of his mouth. “You should see the size of the cock on that guy. And you should watch me fit it down my throat.” He seemed oblivious to his former body standing right in front of him

“You did WHAT with my body?!” Emily shouted. That made Sam pay attention, his old body standing over him, screaming mad.

“Hey, like, calm down, Emily,” Derrik said, “I mean… Dad.” He tossed his daughter a wink. “I mean, that’s who you are now, right, so, like, roll with it, right?”

“What?!” Emily shouted, sweat running down her temple and into her beard.

“Like, I’m already in Alexis’s body. That makes you my dad, right? Besides, we aren’t giving you two your bodies back.”

“Yeah,” echoed Sam at his side, giggling like a maniac. Derrik was starting to suspect that the former man overindulged in the 19 year old’s 105 pound body.

“Besides, I’ve already had a lot of fun with your friend’s body. There’s no way I’m giving this up. Do you know how good it feels to get fucked up the ass?” His daughter shuddered in Sam’s body. “That’s right, sweetie… err.. dad. I’ve fucked already and god damn does it feel good. I mean, look at me!” He spread his arms wide to show off his attire. “This little body needs to get fucked. And I’m ready for round three!”

His daughter stood there dumbfounded while Derrik and Sam walked away. She was escorted out when she started screaming about the two sluts pulling down their shorts and getting fucked right on the dance floor. If she had stuck around just a little longer, she would have seen her father and his best friend making out in the bodies of her and her best friend while cum oozed from their young cunts.

“Who else wants to get up in this ass?!” Derrik shouted. He loved being a little whore.


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