Do it

“I’m going to fuck you in the ass” said the man behind Trinity.

Trinity knew this was a question, though it wasn’t stated as one. The man behind her wanted to know she consented, but the main reason was to know he had control. He wanted to feel the power of having her bend over and take it in the ass for his enjoyment. She knew this because they had been together before, though last time, Trinity was the man. Trinity began to recall the parts of her life that brought her to this moment, with mixed emotions.

Six years ago, had it really been that long? Trinity was a man named Ted, who had started his second semester of university. He had started to see a girl named Christina, the two had been interested in each-other for months prior. Christina DeSario was a passionate women, quick to anger, but also willing to fight for a cause. She was an ardent feminist, a liberal advocate and a LGBT+ crusader, and Ted loved her passion. While she did get angry at him, her temper always came back down.

The main problem was sex. Christina was more experienced than Ted, and had particular tastes. She wanted to be dominated, she liked being called names and being told what to do in bed. Ted was new to this but quickly learned that he liked sex to be more like competitive cuddling, and was very submissive in bed. Ted was very uncomfortable with Christina’s desires, not being able to hold an erection when playing through the scenarios she wanted. The only times Ted enjoyed sex with her was when Christina got fed up with this and basically jumped on Ted and made him have sex with her. Hell to get Ted to kiss her for the first time, when there faces were so close there noses where nearly touching, Christina had to shout “DO IT!” Trinity wondered if her submissive tendancies was one of the reasons her change to a women came so naturally.

The couple broke up when Christina started to get angrier, Ted thought it was the influence of one of her roommates. She was angry at him, life, her family, her classes, her friends and even her cat. At the same time another women was making it painfully obvious to Ted that she wanted him, and would treat him better that Christina. Ted eventual choose the new women, not wanting to stay in a terrible relationship or cheat. Christian thought she had been cheated on and burned everything Ted had ever gave her, at least if there mutual friends where to be believed.

Years later, Ted got a job with Diluclo Lapsum LLC and became a women, mostly so an in the closet trans friend would do it with her. She had loved the change and had convinced some friends to do the same, one of them, a women named Marissa, who had once been named Matt, had given Trinity Christina’s file.

Christina had wanted to become a man for only a year before working for Diluculo. The stated reason was after a relationship with “an unfaithful, jerk” she couldn’t trust men this way, so she decided to become male and try her luck with women. Marissa told Trinity that Christina, who now went by the name Francesco had started in the company’s North American division had had gone through her whole change in the United States, Marissa ensured Trinity that if it was her division, she would have vetoed the hire.

Trinity read the file. Francesco was being transferred to the European division’s corporate library, her library! Not only that but she was going to be new IT tech in the library! Trinity was the head serials librarian and not only would have to often work with Francesco, there offices would be next to each other. Marissa had warned HR about the possible personal conflict, but they ignored her, the two were too good at there positions to be worried about some old romance issues, and besides the company explicitly had a rule against regulating the private lives of its employees, to much sex happened with the newly changed for them to try. Trinity read more, Francesco had taken the experimental fertility treatment, and while it had only been marginally success, its side effects were notable. Francesco had developed alpha male characteristics, physically and mentally. He was strong, take charge and had a presence about him. The picture in the file proved this to Trinity, who notably started to feel…warm
Marissa warned Trinity not to do anything stupid, and all her friends did the same, but Trinity was nervous about what she may do.

Trinity had wished she never saw the final when she meet Francesco. While she was nervous it came off as flirty and was more awkward than if she just had a good lucking coworker. Because of this the truth came out after only two weeks. Francesco was notably shocked at first, but then smiled and said

“I think we will be happier this way”

Trinity was worried what he meant by “WE”

Over the next few weeks, Francesco started to be nicer to Trinity, making an effort to hold the door, compliment her and offered to have lunch with her at least twice a week, his treat. Trinity couldn’t help herself, she started to wear higher heels and shorter skirts to work, and going out of her way to find computer problems, just so Francesco would have to help her. All of Trinities friends, even Janet, who had willingly been turned into a bimbo, tried to stop her. Marissa even tried HR again, but the libraries computers had never ran this well, so they saw no problem.

After eight weeks, Trinity and Francesco had a Friday closing shift. They were alone, all the scientists that normally be there looking over articles would be preparing experiments to run over the weekend, and it was the wrong time of the year for any interns to be there. Trinity heard Francesco call for her from the second floor, probably a problem with one of the conference room computers. She went up to the room and was grabbed by the waist.

There mouths meet, there tongues entering a familiar pattern. There hands feeling the others new bodies, eventual Francesco pulled back, pulled all the clothing off her and bent her over.

This brought Trinity back to the current moment. Silence or any negative response would stop this from happening. Work would be awkward, but that would be it. She knew there was still anger in both of them, they would have old bagged, Francesco’s terrible parents to deal with and all her friends would rightfully disappointed terrible judgment. But she couldn’t stop thinking at the new man behind her, his olive skin, his passion, his old drive augmented with a body to match, she could feel herself getting wetter just thinking about it. After weighing all the costs, she knew with was a terrible idea, but she had always known what she would say.

“Do it”


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