In my mother’s shoes

I gave myself one last look in the mirror before I made sure I can go out like this. My hair was done perfectly just like my makeup, the dress was elegant and it was nicely showing my figure. I have never looked at this body in that way, considering it’s my mom’s body but I must admit that I look great. Still I would prefer to stay at home instead of going out with my hus… I mean father to a fancy restaurant. How did I end up in my mom’s body? It started after another argument.

Me and mom weren’t getting along recently and my grandma was fed up with our quarrels. She casted a spell that swapped our bodies and she refused to change us back until we walk a mile in eachothers shoes and we learn to respect eachother. I was freaked out but I wasn’t going to play by her rules. I may have my mom’s body but I’m still me. At least thats what I though. Soon I’ve got a strong headache. It lasted a few seconds but when it faded I found it no longer weird to wear my mom’s clothes, I even prefered them over my old ones.

I’ve got a next headache the same evening. Since I was now my mom I had to sleep in the same bed with my dad. Of course I refused but then my head started to hurt and soon after I went to bed with my dad without any objections. The next day after I woke up I turned on my pc to play a bit. As soon as I started the game my head begin to hurt again. I found it no longer interesting to play videogames and instead I begin to make breakfast. I was fully aware what’s happening. With each headache I was becoming more mature, more like my mom.

One evening my husba… I mean dad wanted to have sex. This time I was certain I won’t do it but then another headache came and I went along with this idea. I knew he was my father but yet it didn’t feel weird or wrong. It was just a natural act between a husband and his wife.

Now, two weeks after the swap I’m going with my hus… father to a restaurant to celebrate their wedding anniversary. I don’t know how much longer I’m going to be my mom. I hope it ends soon since I’m feeling like I’m loosing myself. I… Ugh! Another headache. I… I… Where was I? Oh yes, my husband is taking me to a restaurant for our wedding anniversary. I can’t belive we are 17 years together. We went through a lot but our marriage stayed strong. I’m really happy with my life. I have a wonderfull husband and two lovely kids. Recently I wasn’t getting along with my older son but he changed a lot and we don’t argue anymore. I’m glad we are getting along again. He’s growing up to be a handsome and smart man just like his father. Anyway, I should go already. I’m really looking forward to our evening and I made sure to repay my husband with something extra when we get back home. I’m sure he will love my new lingerie I bought especially for him.


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