Bodyhopper – Vengeance

Bobby removed his topwear and felt giddy. Breasts both looked AND felt nice! The memories and personality of his mount made acting like an adult a breeze. No one suspected anything when after he had hopped her.
Taking over other peoples bodies was so cool! Why couldn´t he have learned he could do this stuff earlier than just last week?

Now it was time for part two of his plan to make his bully Robb´s life a living hell. He could have hopped Robb and make him do embarrassing things but Bobby wanted Robb to experience his embarrassment when it happened, not the fallout of it.

He squashed his titties again for good measure before reassuming his mounts personality, Monica – mother of Robb.

She straigthened her sweater and drove away. She had been lenient with her son far too long now.


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