The Age of Me

It was decades ago. Back then my name ws John. I was driving home after a long work day. It was raining, I could barely see, I got distracted and drove my car out the road. I hit my head and lost consciousness. My car fell inside a lake. I was drowning. Actually, I am pretty sure that for 2 seconds I was dead. Lighting hit my car. It reanimated me. I swam out of my car. As I reached the door asking for some one to help me. I realized somethings had changed. My voice was high pitched, my body looked different, more slender, plus, my skin was even lighter.

A man picked me up and took me to a hospital. After a few check-ups they told me I was lucky to be alive, but I was a healty young woman. That caught me by surprise. I looked at myself in the mirror and realized I looked like a girl version of myself, like if I was my own sister. My hair was short, but my face, my body, everything looked female.

Years passed, and I realized that appart from swapping genders, I didn’t age. I looked exactly as I did a decade before. By then, I had assumed a new identity. I was Kim. People started to wonder what was my secret, so I decided to move to a new town. I changed my name to Adaline. And since then I move from town to town every ten years of so. Changing my name everytime. I have now lived more years as a woman and as a man. I don’t see myself as a John anymore. It is good to be a woman, and it is even better to be a never aging woman.


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