Perfect change

The special serum cream had worked for Maggie. She was no a 19 year old sexy woman and their was no traces of old 75 year old body. With her skin so smooth and soft, her arse toned and perfect and her breasts so beautiful and firm. Maggie was loving this young body. Maggie applied the serum to her face and watch her old wrinkly face smooth out to a young beautiful face. Maggie touch her face. My god it’s perfect she said, Maggie ripped off her old clothes and put on some more sexy fitted clothing. Maggie spend time admiring her new young self. Gliding her hands over her perfect body. And playing with her breasts. Maggie then slide her hand down to her tight and soft pussy and it with her acrylic nails. Getting wet and starting to groan Maggie knew it was time to get a young cock and fuck brains out. I need cum to fill my fucking pussy. Maggie left the house to find the first cock she could shag


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