My wife and I always had a ok sex life, but one day I asked her if we could spice it up with another couple. She was surprised and angered that she wasn’t good enough for me to just be with her.
My wife went to her friend who was a witch and devised a plan unknown to me, she then came back to me and to my surprise agreed to the foursome, as long as she picked who and I could not know who. I agreed, it was the least I could do for her allowing me to go thru with this fantasy.
So right before we met are luck couple she made me a drink, to calm me nerves that was when I pasted out when I awoke I was bent over with long blond hair enjoying a new sensation(the girl on the right). My wife looked at me and said i hope you enjoy this sister it should spice up you sex life with your new man, it sure will with mine!! oooooohhh


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