Surprised Girlfriend

Henry’s girlfriend Jessica was going to use some sex magic to make him female for messing around on her with another busty chick. She used a magic dildo and said she wanted to experiment, shoving it into Henry’s ass. He was reluctantly game, but wanted to stay on her good side in case she found out about his cheating with Natasha, the busty brunette down the street.

As Jessica pounded her boyfriend’s ass making him her bitch, he changed! He turned into a busty wavy haired brunette with large tits, wearing only a barrette hair clip, hoop earrings, black seemed stockings, and strappy heels. To her surprise, however, Henry smiled at the changes as his breasts dangled beneath him, and the dildo switched from his anus to his new pussy!

“Why are you smiling, this was supposed to be a revenge spell,” said Jessica confused.

“Because, I played right into your hands, Jess. I wanted this, so bad I could taste it. Now I’m a bust ass babe just like you, probably hornier too! I cheated to make you do this to me, because if I asked outright I know you would have refused and left me. Now I got what I wanted, cha ching! I have a pussy, just like you do now. I’ll be needing a dildo like that now to stick into people, because I have innie now not and outie! I just love this hair, all this hair, all this breast material on me, and my new plumbing. My skin is soft, and my ass large and round. I love it. I’ll still be your bitch if you want me to, I’m very grateful even if you did do this out of revenge. I understand.

Jessica sighed, “You could have told me. I would have changed you months ago. I’m into gals too, you just didn’t know. We’ll both have to adjust to this, that revenge spell was permanent, can’t be undone! Then again, you don’t care about that now do you? Oh well, I’m glad you didn’t cheat just to cheat, but to get this rocking body I gave you, I can understand that. I love my curvaceous body too, what’s not to love? Oh, and there’s so much to love! Ok time to rock that new equipment, Henry…. No wait, that won’t do, how about Hannah? Sound good. Time to rock your world, MISS HANNAH!”

“OH YEAH BABY BRING IT,” the new Hannah said smiling as she briefly caught her boobs during their jiggling beneath her!


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