Over Populated

The world was changing. For some unknown reason there was more males than females. If the trend continued there would be no females and effectively no human race. So the governments of the world took action. They decided to turn some men into women.
They chose to take men through in groups of friends so they weren’t outcasts.
Sam, Aiden and Ian were best mates. They played in the school football team together and all knew each other since they were very young.
One day a pair of government representatives came and took them away. Despite the boys being frustrated about having to give away their manhoods they understood the situation.
The procedure was simple they simply just had to stand in a chamber while chemicals were sprayed across their bodies. They felt their bone structures change into a feminine one and then they grew breasts and a plump female ass. Then their male genitalia retracted to form a clean youthful vagina.
They chose new names and Sophie (left), Andrea (middle) and Yvonne (right) were born.
The girls adapted pretty well and maintained their friendship. They do everything together. When they first became girls they went shopping almost everyday as they tried to find clothes that suit their new bodies.
They’re only concern was becoming attracted to men. Sophie and Andrea have already lost their virginity to men due to their new bodies desires. However Yvonne still claims she loves women and is currently trying to gain a contract as a lesbian pornstar.
These girls love their new forms.


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