“Almost as Big” Part 3

“Mom! I told you to knock first!” Tori said trying to no avail to cover her exposed tit. Her mother almost couldn’t take her eyes off it, but finally managed to when she asked: “What did you come in here for?”
“Oh, um,” she said, flustered. “I was doing the laundry, and I noticed all of your bras had broken, so I threw them out. But if you want, you can wear one of mine!” She was still in denial that her daughter’s tits were bigger than hers.
“Oookay, fine then. Toss one here.” Tori caught the bra her mother threw her, and looked at the size. She knew she wouldn’t be fitting into it, but decided to humor her mother regardless. She did the back strap, and pulled the shoulder straps up before finally tucking her boobs into the cups.
“Look Mom, I can’t fit into this tiny thing! You can see almost half my nipples! I’m a 38H, and you’re…not,” Tori said before hopping out of bed, her tits threatening to spill over at any moment. They wobbled ferociously as she walked over to her mother.
“Look,” she said, pushing out her chest. The bra snapped, falling to a broken lump on the floor, freeing her tits from the constricting garment. “My boobs are bigger than yours. There’s no changing that, so please, stop throwing my bras away. Thanks!”


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