An unforgettable adventure

A new attraction called Adventure Island had opened up, promising “incredible thrills.” Haoying flipped through their brochures showing things like exotic ruins, snowcapped mountains, and steamy jungles. (Why not? Haoying mused.) He was bored with his job. So he jetted off to Adventure Island for some time off.

At the Island, Haoying reviewed the options and chose the “Jungle Adventure.” He imagined himself swashbuckling like Tarzan or Indiana Jones. “Ah, that’s a good one, Sir,” said the agent brightly, “Would you like the standard 1-day tour, or our special 2-week extended package with romantic encounters?” Haoying shelled out the extra bucks for romance. “Very good, Sir, now please step over to the machine. Happy travels.” As he stepped in, the machine hummed to life.

Instantly Haoying found himself high up in the trees and felt hot, steamy air clinging to his skin and beads of sweat trickling down between his…BREASTS?! Haoying looked down in disbelief at the fleshy mounds on his chest and groped at his flat crotch. “I am…I’m a woman now?” he gasped in a British accent. His mind whirled: wait a sec…busty blue top, black shorts, British accent, pistols strapped to his thighs. “They turned me into a real-life Lara Croft!”

His first thoughts were ones of escape: (I’ve gotta find that agent and change back! I don’t know how to be a girl and I need to pee and I’m not sure how to….) but then Haoying calmed down and recalled that he’d paid for a full 2-week experience, including romance. What might it be like? Haoying squatted to pee down the tree and then hiked his black shorts back up. “There must be a village to discover near here,” he murmured, mustering up his courage. “Alright, girl, let’s see where this takes me.”

It turned out to be an incredible 2-week journey of action and romance. Returning to his boring old life was such a letdown. Haoying couldn’t wait to get back to the Island before long.


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