Swap Class

“Why are you deciding to chicken out now Dan?”
“I don’t know, Joey. I just don’t feel comfortable doing this in my sister’s body…”

Dan and Joey had been hanging out at Joey’s house after their first day in Swap Class. They would switch bodies with other students for one month and then switch back, and would have to write an essay on their experience. Dan had been partnered up with his sister
Tiffany and Joey was partnered with his sister Jessica. Joey invited Dan to his house. Now in Joey’s room, he got the idea that they should try lesbian sex.

“C’mon Dan, let’s just try it once.”
“I don’t wanna…”
“Dude, Tiffany’s my girlfriend so it’s not like I’m doing something I haven’t already done with her, and this will most likely be the only chance you get at seeing Jessica naked because no offense, but she’s outta your league.”

Joey could see Dan’s expression and saw he was almost convinced. He went behind Dan and groped his body, and with that, he knew Dan was ready to comply. Dan let out a moan and Joey knew they’d both be having new experiences.


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