Struck by lighting.

It all started about 2 months ago. I was jogging at the park when it started rainning. I tried to run back to my car, but sadly, I was struck by lighting. It wasn’t as painfull as I would have imagined it. But it sure was scary, my clothes burned, my shoes looked like they had exploded. Anyways, I was glad I had survived.

I got back into my car, and drove to my place. As I walked through the halls towards my appartment, light started to flicker. No doubt I was still carring some electricity. Thank god I lived alone, I didn’t want anybody seeing me in this condition. I felt really tired, so I went straight into bed, I got undressed, but I didn’t even have time to put something on, I fell asleep completely naked.

In the middle of the night, I woke up sweating, I just had had a horrible nightmare. I walked towards the bathroom, and looked at myself. Everything was fine, but I looked down at my naked body, and saw my cock deflate. I tried to grab it, but it just slipped from my hands and retracted into my body, balls and all. Although the feeling was orgasmic, the whole thing was scary. It looked like I had a pussy, I would have called a doctor, but once again I felt incredible tired. So I went back to bed, and fell asleep again.

In the morning I hoped it all had been a nightmare. But to much of my dismay, it was real, I had a pussy. Appart from that, I looked like a normal healthy guy. I got dressed and went to work. I set up an appointment with my doctor at 6 o’clock, right after work. During work, I must have still had some electricity on me, my computer wouldn’t start. “You look ill” my boss said, and sent me back home. While I drove back, I wondered why my car did in fact start, but everything else that used electricity wouldn’t. I pressed hard on the breaks when I felt something explode on my chest. I looked down, and I saw breasts hanging out of my shirt. I got scared as hell. Thank god I was outside a girls lingerie store when it happened. I walked out of my car, and bought a couple of pink underwear. Why pink? you may ask. Well, they were the first pair I saw, I wasn’t going to spend more time there.

I drove back home. When I got there, I tried turning on the tv, but I couldn’t, “yeah, right, nothing electrical” I told myself. Right after lunch I started to feel pain on my stomach, and in a couple of seconds, I noticed my waist got smaller and my hips widder. There was no doubt about, I was transforming into a woman. I went into my room, and put my new lingerie on. I was amazed how well it fit. Looking at my body, I realized that if it wasn’t for my face, I would undoubtedly mistake myself for a woman. And that’s when the pain on my face started. I saw it happen right infront of the mirror. My face was feminine, and my hair grew quite long.

It was almost 6 pm, so I drove to the doctor’s office. Which didn’t solve anything, he told me “You are a healthy young woman” and sent me back home

I didn’t know what to do, so I texted my friend James, “Help! please come home, I need help”. He came to my place a few minutes later. At first he didn’t believe me, but after mentioning some things only I would have known, his expression changed. He said it was amazing, he had never heard of any case like mine. “So you want to take your new body for a ride?” he asked me, “ha ha, very funny” I told him, while giving him the finger. But to tell you the truth, I was seriously thinking about trying this new body out. Afterall, this body had needs, I got goosebumps, when I imagined a big cock inside my pussy.


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