Still not getting any sleep

My friend James was still clueless. We were out on a business trip, and after a long day of work, we decided to leave our room, and go hang out at the bar. “I hope we meet some hot girls” he said. He didn’t know I had brought the potion I had been using on him for months. When he was about to take a shower, I spiked his shampoo with the potion. I heard him singing in the shower, his voice went a few octaves higher in a matter of seconds. When he got out of the bathroom, he was back to being Amy. Although she looked a little bit different than before, I guess different shampoo has different results.

She was already wearing makeup, and was completely naked. I squezzed her naked breasts, and when I was about to kiss them, she interrupted me “not so fast big boy, first we go dancing” she said. After getting dressed, we went downstairs. I saw her round ass accentuated by her thight dress, and nearly lost my balance while thinking how hot she was. She grabbed her hair, “carefull big boy”.

After a long night of dancing, we went back to our hotel room, and as expected, we had sex. She was even kinkier in this alternate body. In the morning, without her noticing, I stood up, and went back to the other bed. Sadly, as it happens every morning at exactly 7 am, I saw her transform back into James. He was clueless about what had happened, although he said he was tired for some reason “I think I didn’t get any sleep”.


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