Transform Perform

Henry (right) wanted to see to sexy girls go at it, but all that was there was his buddy Ted and his girlfriend. So what did Henry do? He used a little magic, and made Ted a girl while he was making out with his girlfriend Lea. As he grabbed her round ass, he grew a round ass of his own, and felt his chest expand, his hips expand, his feet perch up on heels, as his hair cascaded down!

“WHAT DID YOU DO HENRY,” screamed the new female Ted, while is girlfriend Lea was actually amused.

“I made this more entertaining for me, and if you went along with it, well, it might be more entertaining for you and your girlfriend is she’s down with it,” said Henry.

“Oh I’m down with it,” said Lea smiling, then continuing, “I’m down with this, and if I get Teddy here down with it, maybe later we can go down on you too!”

Ted’s heart sank, but he did realize he felt sexy.


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