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Still not getting any sleep

My friend James was still clueless. We were out on a business trip, and after a long day of work, we decided to leave our room, and go hang out at the bar. “I hope we meet some hot girls” he said. He didn’t know I had brought the potion I had been using on him for months. When he was about to take a shower, I spiked his shampoo with the potion. I heard him singing in the shower, his voice went a few octaves higher in a matter of seconds. When he got out of the bathroom, he was back to being Amy. Although she looked a little bit different than before, I guess different shampoo has different results. Read more

Not getting any sleep

“Would you and your girlfriend Amy keep it down?” James asked me, “I just can’t sleep from all the noise you make every night”. I knew exactly what he was talking about. My new girlfriend was quite kinky, and for two weeks we have been having sex every single night. Later that night, after James went to bed, Amy showed up. We watched a movie, and as usual we went to my bedroom, and had sex again. She loved moaning, she loved yelling my name. So as expected, the next morning James confronted me again “please! I am not getting any sleep!”, “sure dude I’ll try” I told him. Read more